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Get Your Grad Dorm-Ready With Beddys

by Beddy's Zipper Beds February 29, 2016 2 Comments

Get Your Grad Dorm-Ready With Beddys

With the huge transition of going from living at home to living in a dorm, from being in high school to being in college, from being a kid to being a legal adult—well, new college-goers have a lot to deal with.

Did you know that the bedding you send them with could actually make a difference in how well they transition and stay organized?

Before you go the traditional route of buying a sheet set or two for your grad to take with them (or sending them off with the extra set in the closet), check out the positive impact Beddys zipper bedding can have on their daily lives in college.

Quick and Easy

Let’s be honest: for students who no longer have a parent making them (or trying to make them) clean their room, keeping things neat and tidy may not be a top priority. And if class starts at 8 a.m., making the bed definitely won’t be.

So why not make their life just a little easier, help them keep their dorm just a little cleaner? No matter how early classes start, they probably have time to run a zipper from one end of the bed to the other.

After all, there are very real benefits to making the bed when you get up, and they’re the kind of benefits that can make a real difference for students, who have a lot to juggle and a lot of intense mental work to do.

Clean and Organized

Making the bed sets a tone of accomplishment for the day. Getting something done, even something small, first thing in the morning makes you feel more energetic and confident about the rest of the things you have to do that day.

Remember, cleaning the whole room from the span of days or sometimes weeks when they just don’t have time for cleaning can be overwhelming. But being able to make the bed in seconds gives them an easy place to start and a sense of doing something when they may not be able to do everything.

Plus, the polished, organized look of a made bed can be a game-changer in a small space like a dorm room, especially if there’s clutter elsewhere in the room. And if they get stuck with a messy roommate, they might not have control over how nice the room looks.

Then of course there’s studying, which they will spend a lot of time doing. Having a neater, more aesthetically pleasing space can reduce stress, help the brain stay focused, and make study time more effective.

Space Efficient and Cozy

And even though college can be a time of real independence, chances are that personal space is pretty limited. Having a bed you can have made and looking nice in seconds is not just a place to relax, it’s potential workspace. For a college student, a bed you can do work on is like having your own personal couch and an extra desk in one.

What’s more, having extra pillows for support means being able to change reading position easily and often, which helps reduce the muscle strains and problems that come from spending too much time sitting and studying in one place.

Don’t send your grad off to college with the same old stuff: give them something that can help them do their best.

Beddy's Zipper Beds
Beddy's Zipper Beds


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March 18, 2017

What are the dimensions of dorm beddy’s?


March 15, 2017


Can you guarantee that a twin size will fit a 86in x 39in college dorm bed? I do not want to buy it and have it not work. Thanks!

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