5 Super Stylish Patterns for Kid’s Bedding

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 17, 2016

5 Super Stylish Patterns for Kid’s Bedding

If you’re shopping for sheets or bedding sets for kids, you know there are a whole lot of choices. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular, stylish, and timeless patterns for kid and teen bedding. These are tried and true styles that will help you find something you and your child will both love for years to come.

1. Stripes

Stripes are a classic choice for kids’ bedding. They’re pretty neutral and they’re geometric, so they can fit in almost any space, and they’re just more fun than solid colors. If you have a kid who just can’t pick just one favorite color, multi-colored stripes are a great way to tie together different colors that are already in their room.

Stripes work in décor for any gender or age. Because they offer a simple, no-fuss design, they go well with many different styles and themes.

2. Flowers

Floral designs are always popular and always changing. From classic to funky to retro to sweet and simple, floral patterns can be anything you and your child want them to be. Your little girl can literally sleep on a bed of roses every night if she wants to. If your little one loves flowers, you can find a floral style to fit hers. It can be multi-colored and over the top or a soft, monochromatic print. It can even be mixed with other patterns like stripes and polka dots for a fun and whimsical style.

3. Textures

If your child does have an all-time favorite color and they’re into solids, choosing a bed set or comforter with some texture will add interest and liven things up. It can be a simple texture like quilting or something a little more fun like ruching and ruffles. Decorative pillows will add texture too, with things like embroidered images, super-soft fabrics, or fun trim.

4. Damask Print

This super popular print looks great on a kid’s bed. Since it’s also a more sophisticated design, it’s a great choice for teens who want something that’s bright and fun but want it to feel more grown up than other kiddie styles. With its lively, swirling lines, it’s both traditional and chic, and it can grow with your child without ever feeling too old or too young.

5. Mismatched

For the kid or teen with more eclectic tastes who won’t settle for just one color or print, mismatched is the way to go. From sheets to comforter and decorative pillows, bedding is the perfect place for your kid to show off all the different things they love. Stripes, flowers, and polka dots can come together with solid colors and metallic accents. Layer pillows of different sizes and shapes for a bed that’s as fun and interesting as the kid it belongs to.

Any of these five patterns can be dressed to suit individual styles, which is why they’re the perfect choices for a kid’s room. After all, you want something that can grow with your child. And remember that almost any bed can be livened up with new decorative pillows and accessories.

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