by Jess Ingersoll September 05, 2018

5 Must-Have Outfit Pieces for Fall

The chill is in the air. Summer is ending, school is starting, and that means fall will be here soon. We really couldn’t be more excited! One thing that has been on our minds lately is what we are going to wear this fall season. We came up with five pieces that you are definitely going to want to get yourself. And even better, we found them at great prices! That way you can have a new fall wardrobe without breaking the bank.
1. The Corduroy Jacket
Jackets are always good investments because you can wear them with so many pieces and they will look great the whole season. Corduroy jackets are starting to trend right now and we have found a few that are super cute! You can seriously pair a corduroy jacket with anything. Our favorite is pairing it with a cute pair of jeans. You can pair a soft pink one with a white t-shirt underneath and a basic pair of black jeans. There are so many ways to wear it. The corduroy jackets really are a must-have this fall, especially the Corduroy Trucker Jackets.  We have found three jackets that we really love from Asos, Pac Sun, and Forever 21. 
Click here for Asos Monki cord trucker jacket $79.00 (Asos offers free deliveries and free returns. Plus if you are a student you can get 10% off.)
Click here for Pac Sun Corduroy Trucker Jacket $54.95 (If you sign up for their emails you can get 10% off.)
Click here for Forever 21 Corduroy Button-Front Jacket $32.90
2. Over-the-knee Boots
Last year we saw a few hot mamas wearing these and we think it’s safe to say that they are definitely coming back. These boots are so flattering and actually really comfortable. You can wear them with anything and they can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Finding them is easy, but getting a good deal can be tricky. Here are two pairs that we think you will love.
Click here for the DSW Mark Fisher Naylor Velvet Over-the-knee Boot on sale $84.98
Click here to find the Vince Camuto Kantha High Boot on Nordstrom Rack for $69.97
3. The Basic Jumper
Jumpers are so fun because there are so many ways to wear them. Dress it up with some tights and some heels, or even a simple pair of cute clogs. You can dress it down with some cute boots, like the Madison Boots from The Stock Place. Click here to find them. Piper and Scoot and Called to Surf have a few cute jumpers that are so adorable we had to share.
Click here for Piper and Scoot Olivia Corduroy Jumper Dress in Indigo $58.00 (Free shipping on all U.S orders)
Click here for the Called to Surf Tristen Corduroy Jumper in the Brick color $39.00
Click here for the Called to Surf Bankhead Button-Up Jumper in the Charcoal color $38.00
4. A Bold and Over-sized Sweater
Chunky over-sized sweaters are definitely a fall go-to item. Lately we have been seeing a few stores come out with these colorblock sweaters. They are so fun and unique. We definitely think you need one. Revolve has one that we totally love, but it is on the pricey range. However, Pink Sia has an adorable one too and the best part is, it's on sale! 
Click here for the Revolve Tularosa Colorblock Sweater $128
Click here for the PinkSia Colorblock Loose Cardigan $28.99 (it's on sale, normally it's $56.99) 
5. Two words...Hair Scarf
Some fun accessories that are totally trending right now are hair scarfs. They spice up a simple hair style and make it look like you actually put some time and effort into it. They are so adorable. Here are some of our favorites.
Click here to find the Called to Surf Montclair Hair Scarf $12.00
Click here to find the H&M Patterned Hair Scarf $7.99
Click here to find the Free People Printed Scarf Pony $12.99

Jess Ingersoll
Jess Ingersoll


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