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Beddy's 4th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe it’s been FOUR years since we funded on Kickstarter.  We’ve had so many changes and learned so much over the last four years. I remember talking with Angie and saying “as soon as we fund on Kickstarter we will have way less stress!” Funny how things work out.  We still find ourselves saying “as soon as -(blank)- is over things will calm down.” As you can imagine, when one thing slows down another just picks up!

We thought it would be fun to give you some updates on things that have changed from the beginning.  It’s crazy how things evolve. We had done so much testing before introducing Beddy’s to everyone that we were sure we didn’t need to make any changes.  Turns out, we’ve had lots of opportunities for improvement. We’ve felt that it was important to always keep the highest quality, so as we’ve gotten better pricing on things we’ve upgraded and improved them as well.

  1. Zip off feature on all sizes, including twin.  Having the zip off feature on the twin size was requested by so many people that we felt it needed to be done.  We are happy we added that feature.
  2. New zipper pulls.  Even though we loved our original zipper pull, we found that some had issues with the paint chipping.  We decided to swap it out for a new material. We think you’ll love it.
  3. New fill.  We are always trying to improve the way Beddy’s washes.  Even though we felt our original fill was great, we hoped for a little bit of a fluffier look.
  4. New sateen fabric. Probably our most expensive change. The sateen fabric has just been added on our new spring line.  The fabric is even softer and smoother. This might just be our favorite new change.
  5. Logo on underside.  Not that anyone will really see this unless they are taking it off to wash the bedding, but we thought this was fun new branding.
  6. Blankets. You guys, if you haven’t tried our blankets that is the ONE thing you must try! They not only look cute at the end of the bed, but they are SO COMFY!  Plus you can bring them with you when you travel. :) If you’re in a colder climate, this is a great option in addition to our bedding. Some people have even liked adding it to create a little bit of extra weight for those with sensory processing issues.
  7. Stronger elastic.  We felt that if people have a thinner mattress we wanted the elastic to be a little stronger so that it stayed on nice and snug.
  8. New styles!  We started with four designs and 12 SKUs and have grown to 410 SKUs!
  9. Bedskirts.  Have you seen our bedskirts?  They are our own original design. They are sewn to a fitted sheet so they stay in place!  We’ve also added extra fabric on top so if your mattress moves you don’t see the ugly white middle section!
  10. All Cotton Options!  As much as we love the minky interior, we’ve had people from other climates request this.  We started with just a couple colors and had such an overwhelmingly great response that we hope to add this option to most of our designs.

Along with all of these changes, we’ve grown as a business.  We’ve had some really cool opportunities from going on a trade mission to Toronto with our Governor to being on West Texas Investors club.  Beddy’s was recently named one of Mountain West Capital Network Top 100 Emerging Elite businesses. This has been such an incredible opportunity to run such an awesome company we are so proud of. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey.

-Betsy and Angie

Betsy Mikesell
Betsy Mikesell


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April 22, 2018

Hi! Congratulations!
You are doing so good, we just L O V E our Beddy’s for all kids and for us 💜
Thank you for your great service too.

XO from The Netherlands, San

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