by Ciera Montoya August 01, 2018

Succulents are so cute and trendy!
Luckily, succulents are easy to take care of, once you know a
few simple tips and tricks.
Tip #1: Watering
 One of the biggest problems succulent owners have, is overwatering. Interesting enough, succulents prefer to absorb water through the air rather than sitting in wet soil. Although a good soak is occasionally good, they then need to be fully dried out. Imagine a cactus in the desert - a heavy rainfall, followed by a drought.
For indoor succulents, it's suggested to only water once a week.
Tip #2: Soil and Pots
It's best to use a terracotta pot which will help with drainage and moisture control. This leads to less of a pool of water sitting at the bottom of the pot, which could result in a plant disease called "root rot".
Root rot is when there's bacteria due to an excess of water. 
You'll want soil that doesn’t stay soaked for a long time. It's recommended to use diatomaceous earth (aka: oil dry) which is available at most car parts stores. Kitty litter works well, although it has a few more unnecessary chemicals. These "soils" will help dry up unnecessary moisture, and keep your succulents healthier long term. If you do use one of these recommended products, use a 1:1 ratio with regular potting soil, and then water less often.
Tip #3: Sunlight
 Succulents thrive off good sunlight. The best place (so they don't get overexposed) is about a foot or two away from a window. If the plant gets too close to a window, and it's in too direct of sunlight, it will lead to the plant getting sunburned! A sunburned succulent will get blackish-brown spots on the leaves.
It's recommended to have succulents in indirect sunlight 6 hours a day.
Hopefully this helps keep your succulents happy and healthy.
Please leave us a comment if you have any other recommendations.

Ciera Montoya
Ciera Montoya


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