When we started Beddy’s we honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to.  Early on we talked about what we would do if Beddy's became successful.  We talked about so many charities that we could donate to and who we could help.  There were so many great opportunities but nothing felt 100% right for us.  We couldn’t decide which charity we felt most passionate about so we donated here and there to several different charities.  After a charity dinner we started talking and realized we wanted to find something that we felt completely passionate about.  While talking to my sister she said “Betsy, you guys are passionate about Beddy’s!  You’re passionate about helping kids! You need to put that together and create your own foundation.” That’s when she said. “Home is where you make your bed.” It hit.  We knew that’s exactly what we wanted to do.

We want kids who are in an unfamiliar place and may feel anxious, to have something permanent that will always go with them. Beddy’s can represent the comfort of a safe home. Having their own bedding might just give them a small bit of comfort and security regardless of where they stay. Home is where you make your bed. 

As this program begins, we are keeping the donations local so that we can oversee the entire process.  We want to ensure the money and items are being allocated appropriately. We recently met with one of the owners of Downeast, a local furniture store. They have a program that donates a mattress to someone in need for every mattress they sell. We felt this aligned with the vision of our foundation.  Whether it be through  Utah Foster Care, Christmas Box House or Road Home, we hope to bring a piece of home to each of these kids.


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