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Touch of Taupe

We’ve had lots of requests for more ‘earthy’ tones. This is the perfect brown with just a Touch of Taupe. The simple argyle print in a deeper brown gives it an extra element of texture. We know you’re going to love it. This color is a great option for RVs and cabins too!

-Each twin size comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham.

-Each full, queen and king size comes with TWO coordinating pillowcases and TWO decorative shams.


Twin sized Beddy's seem to wash easier and dry quicker while keeping the sides zipped up. Full and Queen sized Beddy's wash easier and dry quicker completely separating the base from the top.

  • Wash in cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Do not wash any other items with your Beddy's.
  • Tumble dry on low.
  • HELPFUL HINT: Steamers work great on getting any wrinkles out. If you pull it out of the dryer right before it is completely dry and put it on the bed, you can manipulate the edges that cover the zipper to smooth them down. We don't recommend putting your Beddy's on the bed while it is wet.
  • DO NOT pull the law label and washing instructions off your Beddy's. If you would like to remove it, carefully cut the tags off. Ripping the tags off will not only rip the seam, but we do not warranty against the hole it will create.
  • We don't recommend washing your Beddy's more often than once a week. We have picked high quality fabric, but it is still fabric and will wear out with more frequent washing.
  • Do NOT use color protector sheets.

You will love knowing your entire bedding is all getting washed at the same time! Remaking the bed is easier than ever. Wash and dry your BED with EASE, you'll love your new Beddy's!

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