Welcome To The 90's (Twin Size Only) - For Bunk Beds

We were lucky enough to team up with Brock and Boston for this funky design. When they described the bedding they wanted to help us create, they definitely had a vision and  thought they were cutting edge. (They even showed us a sticker they found in and old box for inspiration.)  From there we had fun teaching them about "the good ole' days". 

The Macarena, Nintendo, Fanny Packs, Crimped Hair, Hypercolor T-Shirts, Roller Blades, Walkmans....Welcome to the 90's!! The colors and design of this Beddy's set are sure to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for some and a "totally sweet" new look for others.  It really is "all that AND a bag of chips".  So "take a chill pill" and get one...you know you want to.  Word!  (*Pricing is for 1 bed.)

Thank you Brock & Boston! 

We love this paired with our Totally Rad Beddy's Set and/or our Totally Rad Beddy's Blanket.  This is a limited edition style with limited quantities.

What’s Included & Other Interesting Things You Need To Know:
  • Each Twin size comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham. (U.S. Standard Size.)
  • Each Full and Queen size comes with two coordinating pillowcases and two decorative shams. (U.S. Standard Size.)
  • Each King size comes with two coordinating pillowcases and two decorative shams. (U.S. King Size.)
  • Click here to view all bedding sizing and mattress information.
What Makes Beddy’s the Best In All the Land:
  • The entire bedding fits like a fitted sheet and comes in one piece helping bedding to stay in place, keeping you covered all night. (Unexpected benefit: Warm, covered kids = a good night’s sleep for everyone.)
  • Strong elastics keep bedding securely on the mattress.
  • Cozy Minky interior...you have no idea how much you need this in your life. Trust us.
  • Smooth zippers fully line each side of the bed meeting at the bottom. This gives easy access to both sides, allows for the top to totally disconnect from the bottom and makes it easy to wash.
  • We've created a comfort panel that consists of extra material on each side of the top comforter. This makes it so that if you sleep with it zipped up, it covers the zipper and doesn't feel like a sleeping bag. If you prefer to sleep with it unzipped, it extends out for just the right amount of coverage.
  • The bottom sheet is included and sewn in.
Materials & Care (Boring… But you still gotta know):
  • The exterior fabric is 100% cotton and the interior Minky fabric is 100% polyester.
  • Beddy’s wash up beautifully and are easy to wash in every machine.
  • Click here to view the full washing instructions.