How Does Zipper Bedding Work?

Zipper Bedding by Nod & Winks is a revolutionary bedding product that allows you to zip your bed to make it! Kids love the sense of accomplishment they get when they can make their bed themselves every day. And parents love building good habits while having tidy rooms throughout the house.

Our zipper bedding for kids sets works perfectly in tight spaces like bunk beds and corner beds, keeping your kids cozy in our super soft, all-in-one piece bedding. Also, the patented comfort panels extend so your little one will never feel the zipper.

U.S. Pat. No. 9,872,575.


Customers Love

It's easy for even little ones to quickly make the bed in the morning.

Whether you have a wiggly little one or an active jumper, covers stay on the bed!

Your bottom sheet, comforter, and pillow cases are all in one!

What Is Zipper Bedding

Image Description

one piece

The entire bedding goes
on like a fitted sheet.
That's it, you're done!

Image Description

smooth zippers

Easy pull zipper tabs along
both sides meet in the middle
at the bottom of the bed.

Image Description

top completely detaches

You can kick your legs out or
stay nice & snug all zipped up.
Your choice!

Image Description

fun designs

Themed designs made especially
for your little ones.

Image Description

comfort panels

Extended coverage that mimics
a traditional blanket so you
never feel the zipper.

Image Description

sewn-in sheet

Bottom sheet is built in so it
always stays in place!

Image Description

heavy-duty elastic

Our elastic spans the entire
base to ensure a snug fit on
mattresses of all sizes.

Image Description

pillowcase and sham

Includes coordinating
pillowcase and sham that
have flaps to keep your pillows
nicely tucked in.

Benefits of Zipper Bedding for Kids

Parents choose to switch from regular bedding to zipper bedding for kids for many reasons. This innovative concept simplifies your child's bedtime and morning routine, giving you peace of mind and a clean daily bedroom. Here's what you can look forward to once you make the switch:

Hassle-Free Mornings

Nothing is worse than nagging your toddler or child about making their bed every morning. With kids' zipper bedding, all your children need to do is zip from one end to another. That's it. No fuss, mess, or bottom sheets to fight with!

Develop Better Cleaning Habits

The habits your child develops while young will follow them into adulthood. Kids' zipper bedding shows your children that making your bed doesn't need to be a nuisance. With just a quick zip, their bed can be made in a matter of seconds. Accomplishing this simple task can also help them start their day off on the right foot and encourage a positive outlook. It's as easy as ABC, showing them there's no reason to avoid bedmaking.

The Perfect Transition to Beddy's

Once your children grow out of their Nods and Winks zipper bedding for kids, you can upgrade them to a sleek and stylish original Beddy design, helping them stay clean and tidy well into their teenage and adult years.

Attached Bottom Sheets

Little kids can find bottom sheets frustrating and difficult to put on, especially without help from a parent. That's where Nod and Winks comes in. Nod and Winks is an all-in-one bedding solution that eliminates fitted sheets altogether. Each zippered bedding set features a sewn-in sheet and a detachable top, making it easy for kids to make their own beds and for parents to clean.

A Cleaner Children's Bedroom

While our zipper bedding for kids won't help with the mess on the floor or the chair, it will give parents and kids one less thing to worry about. With all-in-one zipper bedding, you'll no longer find a comforter tossed on the floor or a sheet hanging off the side of the bed. Zipper bedding keeps everything in place and makes bed-making a breeze.

Perfect For Top Bunks

If you have bunk beds in your children's room, you know how hard it can be for kids to make the top bed. Our innovative zipper design and sewn-in sheet will simplify and process and make sure your bunks always look put together. 


Read Customer Reviews

"Keeps my kids beds so much neater, easier to make and my littles can make their own beds"
- Jessica K.

"I love the bedding and it is easier to make and to keep sheets on bed. I would recommend these for everyone that has a hard time of keeping sheets on bed and easy to make bed for kids"
- Theresa V.

"My kids have said how much they love their new bedding. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not but it seems like my kids have been sleeping better too with a more comfy bedding and no more problems of them ripping their sheets off in the middle of the night from tossing and turning"
- Kaylin G.



Nod & Winks and Beddy's both proudly offer innovative zippered bedding. Beddy's has timeless designs that work for kids - adults and come in Toddler - King sizes. Nod & Winks has playful designs that kids will love and comes in Toddler - Full. For a full list of differences, please see our What is the Difference between Beddy's and Nod and Winks page.

Nod and Winks is made of polyester - you will be surprised to learn how soft it is!

Zipper bedding can be machine washed in cold water on normal cycle and tumble dry on low. The top and bottom pieces fully separate to make them easier to wash and dry separately if needed.

You can find our full washing instructions here.