Behind the Brand

Our Founders:

"Someone should invent that."

Beddy's was started by two moms, Betsy Mikesell and Angie White. Betsy was so frustrated by her twins' inability to make their bunk beds but after trying it herself, she realized that she couldn't be mad at them when she could hardly make a bunk bed herself. She vented to her friend Angie on their daily jog that there was NO bunk bed bedding and they were so difficult to make. She told Angie "someone should invent that", and that's just what she ended up doing.

After Betsy (and her mom) made the initial prototype with the biggest zippers she could find, she realized she was on to something good. Her twins were testing the first prototypes and Betsy's older daughter was bribing the twins to sleep in their zipper bedding! Angie also not only believed in the product, but found other places Beddy's are perfect - like her kids' beds against the wall and her RV. Above all, they both believed Beddy's is a product that makes people's lives easier.

Neither Betsy nor Angie had any business experience, but they knew their product would make a difference. After speaking to a patent attorney and finalizing the prototype, they were ready to share Beddy's with the world. They each took out a loan on their homes and launched a KickStarter to cover the initial costs of starting the business, and Beddy's was born. With over 41,000 5-Star Reviews later, we think it was worth it!

Today, Beddy's still proudly operates in South Jordan, Utah. On behalf of our entire team and especially our co-founders and co-CEOs, Angie and Betsy, welcome to Beddy's. Your mornings are about to get a lot easier!


Our Mission: 

Beddy‘s mission is to improve the lives of kids and adults through innovative product that makes life easier, builds confidence, improves mindset, and makes their day.


What's the Difference Between Beddy's + Nod & Winks?

Nod & Winks and Beddy's both proudly offer innovative zipper bedding. Beddy's has timeless designs that work for kids - adults and come in Toddler - King sizes. Nod & Winks has playful designs that kids will love and comes in Toddler - Full.

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