How Do Beddy's Work?

Beddy's is a revolutionary bedding product that allows you to zip your bed! Kids and adults love building good habits and starting each day with a tidy bed. Plus, they work perfectly in tight spaces like Bunk Beds, RVs, and corner beds. Our patented comfort panels extend so you never feel the zipper and you stay cozy. Our all-in-one piece bedding comes in 100% cotton or comfy minky. Make your bed, make your day!

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What Are Beddy's Good For?

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What You Get

Graphic showing features and included items with Beddy's zipper beddingGraphic showing features and included items with Beddy's zipper bedding
Close up showing folded up Beddy's zipper bedding

one piece

The entire bedding goes on like a fitted sheet. That's it, you're done!

Close up showing zipper pull tabs of Beddy's zipper bedding

smooth zippers

Easy pull zipper tabs along both sides meet in the middle at the bottom of the bed.

Graphic showing top portion of Beddy's zipper bedding

top completely detaches

You can kick your legs out or stay nice & snug all zipped up. Your choice!

Close up showing minky interior of Beddy's zipper bedding

minky lining

The softest, cuddliest fabric. You have no idea how much you need this in your life. Trust us!

comfort panels

Made of our cozy minky fabric that extends out to cover the zippers and give just the right amount of coverage.

Close up showing minky interior of Beddy's zipper bedding

sewn in sheet

Bottom sheet is built in so it always stays in place!

Close up showing elastic fit of Beddy's zipper bedding

heavy duty elastic

Our elastic spans the entire base to ensure a snug fit on mattresses of all sizes.

Close up showing included pillows with Beddy's zipper bedding

pillowcase and sham

Includes coordinating pillowcase and sham that have flaps to keep your pillows nicely tucked in.

Introducing ZipBase Beddy's

ZipBase is everything you love about Beddy's: make your bed in seconds, extended panels, and an all-in-one design. PLUS you get a removable bottom sheet -- just zip the sheet off the base and toss it in the wash! You also get an extra bottom sheet for zero downtime.


Our patented comfort panel consists of extra material that is sewn to each side and runs the full length of the top comforter. The extended comfort panel will give you the feel of a traditional comforter or blanket stretched across the bed.

The panel covers the zipper so if you prefer to sleep with it zipped up, you do not feel the zipper. If you prefer to sleep with it unzipped, it extends out for just the right amount of full coverage, like a traditional blanket.

For both the "Minky" and "All Cotton" versions, the comfort panel extends beyond the zipper 8.25" for toddlers, 9.75" for twins, twin XLs, and fulls, and 11.75" for queens and kings.

Both styles are super comfortable depending on the temperature of your home, or if you are more of a hot sleeper. Generally, our minky Beddy's can be used year-round and is preferred by most customers. Our all-cotton options are generally cooler.

To get a better idea of the fabrics we have to offer, visit our "Which Fabric Should I Choose Page".

Toddler– 28 X 52 inches or 71.12 X 132.08 centimeters

Twin- 39 X 75 inches or 99.06 X 190.5 centimeters

Twin XL- 39 X 80 inches or 99.06 X 203.5 centimeters 

Full- 54 X 75 inches or 137.16 X 190.5 centimeters

Queen- 60 X 80 inches or 152.4 X 203.2 centimeters

King- 76 X 80 inches or 193 X 201.93 centimeters

Twin, full, and queen sizes all fit up to a 15" deep mattress and king size fits up to 18" mattress.

(FOR ODD-SIZED MATTRESSES AND INTERNATIONAL SIZES: If your mattress is at least 6 inches deep, then make sure you purchase the Beddy’s set that most closely matches the width of your mattress. If the width does not match exactly, consider that a mattress that is wider than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to sit on the top of the mattress, while a mattress that is slightly narrower than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride lower on the sides. Choose the options that best fits your situation.)

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"Keeps my kids beds so much neater, easier to make and my littles can make their own beds."

-Jessica K.

"This is the best bedding solution we have found. My husband and I have very different sleeping styles. I am always cold and he is warm. He accuses me of stealing the covers and he sleeps on top of mine. We tried Beddy's for our RV and LOVED them so much we needed to get a set."

-Elisabeth A.

"I want to get this bedding for every room in my house. The bed always looks best and it’s so comfortable to sleep in. 100/10. Buy it, it’s WORTH IT."

-Harry M.