What's The Difference?


Easy to make zippered bedding

Extended comfort panels so you never feel the zipper

Zippers full line the top comforter so it's easy to remove (and wash)

Covers stay on all night

All your bedding in one

Beddy's Logo

- Timeless, sophisticated designs for kids - adults

- Available in Twin - King size beds

- Select styles available in Toddler & Twin XL

- 100% All-Cotton or Minky options

Nod & Winks Logo

- Fun, themed designs for kids

- Available in Toddler - Full size beds

- 100% polyester (kids love how SOFT it is)

- No minky options available


Zipper Bedding: Beddy's vs. Nod & Winks

If you're a fan of Beddy's innovative zipper bedding, you'’ll love the Nod & Winks collection! This new line transforms everything you adore about Beddy's zipper bedding, tailoring it perfectly for the younger members of your family.

With our Nod & Winks zipper bedding, we've kept the innovative zipper concept and added playful kid-approved designs for your children to pick from. We've streamlined the bedding options, focusing on our best-selling 100% polyester material for children. This fabric is not only soft and comforting but also remarkably durable – ideal for kids' zipper bedding.

Our Nod & Winks collection includes toddler, twin, and full-sized bed options, ensuring we have the perfect size for every age. Each zipper bedding set has a bottom sheet, top cover, and a pillowcase that all attach into one piece, creating a unified, cozy ensemble. The ultra-soft material will keep your kids warm and cozy all night.

Zipper bedding for adults vs. kids

This collection features an array of lively color palettes and engaging designs, each meticulously selected to not only blend seamlessly with your child's bedroom decor but also add a playful touch.

Whether you're looking for an adorable floral pattern to complement the pink walls in your little girl's room or a space-themed twin zipper bed for your son, we have you covered.

Zipper bedding from Nod & Winks is the perfect option for kids of all ages. The innovative concept will help your children develop better habits and foster independence by showing them that making your bed doesn't need to be a hassle. When your kids jump out of bed and get ready to start their day, all they need to do is pull the zipper around the mattress!

As your child grows, their bedding can grow with them. Transition from Nod & Winks to Beddy's wider range, featuring more mature designs suitable for older kids and teens.

Remember, Beddy's original line isn't just for adults; it offers a variety of styles for kids too!