Take Luxury and Convenience Camping—With Beddy’s

Camping has always had its lovers and its haters. No matter where your feelings about camping land on the spectrum, there’s no reason you can’t make camping a little more comfortable and a little more glamorous—without adding frustration or giving up ease or utility.

Have a Beddy’s, or thinking about one? Here’s one more thing you can do with it: take it camping. It brings more of the comfort and luxury of home. For camping lovers and haters alike, it’s comfortable, stylish, and easy.

With everything in one piece, all you have to do is wrap the bottom layer around an air mattress like a fitted sheet, and you’re golden.

Now, if you’re really determined to rough it, or you have to hike a long way to your campsite, it may not be the right choice. But for most camping excursions, it’s far more comfortable than your average sleeping bag, and it takes up about as much packing space as sleeping bags and cots.

Plus, it’s super easy to wash when you get home.

Here are all the ways Beddy’s can make camping even better:

In An RV/Camper

Add style and ease to your camper’s bed by keeping it wrapped in a Beddy’s bed set. It’ll keep things looking not only stylish but neat and clean, when a zip or two is all you need to have the bed perfectly made. A camping trailer is one place you don’t need traditional bedding kicking around and taking up extra space, or the extra lengths of a regular comforter bunching up or hanging down.

In A Tent

Even camping’s most avid fans can be less than thrilled with the sore muscles or cricked neck that come after a night’s sleep on hard or rocky ground.

With Kids

If you’re camping with kids, more fun is never a bad thing. And having colorful bedding definitely makes it more fun to hang out in the tent. If rain hits, they have a great space to hang out and play in. It’s also perfect for backyard camping, where having fun in the tent is the whole point, and there might not be as much to explore or discover outside.

On A Romantic Getaway

Most people don’t associate sleeping bags with romance. But the rest of camping—getting outside, experiencing nature, taking a break from the stresses of daily life—can be a fantastic way for couples to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

You don’t have to bring the whole house or spend extra money on a luxury camping (or “glamping”) experience to have a luxurious, romantic trip. Instead of packing sleeping bags, pull out the air mattress and a Beddy’s set. It’s easy, it’s beautiful, and it’s comfortable. Can you imagine a more romantic addition to your outdoor getaway than a gorgeous bed?

So go ahead and try it. Take a little extra luxury to the outdoors. It’s easy and it’s cozy, and you may just find yourself on the most stylish, comfortable, fun, or romantic camping trip you’ve ever had.

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