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      High-Quality Pillowcases

      A good feather pillow insert is essential for a night of peaceful sleep. A good pillowcase is essential for keeping that pillow in the best possible condition. At Beddy’s®, the same ingenuity we put into our unique one-piece bed sets goes into our pillowcases for a sleek, innovative design.

      Standard & King Envelope Closure Pillowcases

      If you’re like us, you’ve slipped a pillowcase on only to find it doesn’t fit properly, with an opening that lets the pillow tags slip out, ruining the look of your bed. Our envelope closure pillowcases eliminate that problem with an inner flap that keeps the pillow and its tags securely hidden. 

      At Beddy’s, you can purchase our envelope closure pillowcases individually or as part of our bedding sets. You get one standard pillowcase size with each toddler, twin, or twin XL set. Full/queen sets get two standard pillowcases, while king bedding sets come with two king size pillowcases. Explore all of our options for comfortable pillowcases at Beddy’s

      Why Choose Beddy’s Pillowcases?

      Beddy’s offers fantastic quality and value. Here’s what you get when you purchase any Beddy’s pillowcase:


      We’ve sourced the best cotton for our pillowcases. Choose from our blissfully soft regular cotton or Luxe cotton, which is even softer and thicker. Both are great options — you can’t go wrong!


      Beddy’s high-quality material is designed to beautifully endure multiple washes and stays soft. You can enjoy your Beddy’s products for many restful nights to come.


      Our pillowcases match the colors, prints, and designs of our bedding, giving you a wealth of options. Plus, we’ve created a chic collection of covers for lumbar and Euro pillow sizes, so you can unleash your creative aesthetic and make the bed of your dreams.

      Unmatched Customer Service

      Beddy’s online ordering process is simple, and we can help you find just the right bedding products for a primary suite, children’s bedroom, dorm room, or even an EV. Trust Beddy’s to deliver the best service as well as the best in bedding.

      Convenient Care

      You need to clean pillowcases about once a week, so the process shouldn’t take much time and energy with hand washing or air drying. Our bedding is machine washable and can go in your dryer. Just follow the care instructions to get the longest life out of your Beddy’s products.

      Shop Beddy’s pillowcase collection today!