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      High-Quality, Functionable Twin Zipper Bedding 

      Smart design and snuggly fabrics make Beddy’s® the twin zip bedding of your dreams. 

      Our zipper twin bedding is both functional and fashionable, so you can use a set in any bedroom, no matter your interior design style. Our twin sets can be styled for boys’ or girls’ bedrooms, or to create a welcoming ambiance in a guest room. Shop our zipper bedding in twin sizes.

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s Twin Zipper Bedding

      Beddy’s is the best zip twin bedding you can buy. That’s because our bed sets are:

      Simple to Use

      Your child will happily make the bed, thanks to Beddy’s ingenious design. We wanted bedding that wasn’t a chore to use, so we’ve created this one-piece wonder: The exterior is a comforter that stays securely fitted to your bed with heavy-duty elastic. Open the comforter with the side zippers, and inside you’ll find the sewn-in bottom sheet plus a top comfort panel. 

      You’ll be cozy all night long; in the morning, just close the zippers, and your bed is made! Even young children can use Beddy’s; our sets are also ideal for people with disabilities or sensory processing disorders.

      Soft and Comfortable

      It was important to us to make Beddy’s sets feel as good as they look. That’s why we crafted the exterior from soft yet breathable cotton. This gives our zip twin bedding sets unmatched durability, so they look fantastic over the long run.

      Inside, the bottom sheet is also made from breathable 100% cotton. For the sheet on the underside of the top comforter, you have two fabric options to choose from:

      • Cotton: This is the same 100% cotton fabric used for the bottom sheet, perfect for anyone who wants a cooler feel to their bedding.
      • Minky: This special fabric is ultra-cozy, but it works well for most climates.

      Additionally, you can choose cotton or Minky versions in our Luxe line. The twin zipper bedding in this collection uses thicker, softer cotton in the bottom sheet for an extra-special touch of comfort.

      Beautiful Designs

      Choose from a wide selection of zipper bedding twin sets in tasteful patterns and a modern palette of colors. Luxe zipper twin bedding sets typically incorporate woven patterns in the comforters instead of prints. All twin zip bedding sets come with one pillowcase and one sham in standard sizes. Don’t forget to shop our accessories collection to complete your bed design!

      Easy to Care For

      We get it; you don’t have a lot of time in your busy day. Beddy’s is machine washable–just take it off the bed, separate the top and bottom of the comforter, and you’re ready to go.

      Experience the Beddy’s difference–shop our twin zip bedding sets today.