Queen Size Zipper Bedding

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      Queen Zipper Bedding Sets

      Beddy’s® queen zip-up bedding combines beauty and comfort in one ingenious design.

      Our zipper bedding for queen beds makes a style statement in any room, with timeless palettes and patterns to choose from as well as a selection of high-quality fabrics. We also have a wide-ranging accessories collection so you can create the most beautiful bedrooms for everyone in your home. 

      But our bedding isn’t just fashionable–it’s functional, too. The one-piece zip bedding in queen size takes the work out of making your bed. (And a happy bonus: Beddy’s is easy to clean, too.) Discover our collection today.

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s Queen Size Zipper Bedding

      Transform your home with our zip-up bedding for queen beds. Beddy’s sets are game changers because they are:

      Simple and Streamlined

      Making your bed is a breeze with Beddy’s. The comforter glides over your bed and hugs your mattress securely thanks to strong elastic edging. When you open the discreet side zippers, you’ll find a sewn-in bottom sheet and top panel that cocoon you in comfort. Sleep with the zippers open or closed, and in the morning, just slide the zippers shut, and your bed is made!

      Wonderfully Soft

      Beddy’s sets caress your skin with delightfully soft fabrics. The exterior comforter is 100% cotton with a subtle sateen so it’s durable and attractive. Inside our zipper bedding for queen beds, you get a soft cotton bottom sheet, as well as a few other options:

      • Pick all-cotton bedding with a top inner panel of cotton to match the bottom sheet..
      • Want an ultra-plush feel? Choose our popular Minky collection, which is known for its coziness. 
      • Finally, our Luxe line uses a thicker, softer cotton in the bottom sheet for an extra-special touch. Luxe zip bedding for queen beds lets you choose cotton or minky for your top comfort panel.

      Thoughtfully Designed

      You’ll be amazed by how many pattern and color choices you have for queen zip-up bedding. Luxe bedding adds even more design options, with intricate woven patterns instead of prints. Plus, each queen set comes with two pillowcases and two shams in standard sizes. We give you everything you need to design the bedroom of your dreams.

      Easy to Care For

      If you’re like us, you don’t have a lot of time to hand wash (or even worse, dry clean) your comforter and bed linens. So we designed Beddy’s with convenience in mind–our sets are machine washable and you can separate the top and bottom of the comforter for easy cleaning.

      Ready to try zip-up bedding for your queen bed? Try Beddy’s–shop online today.