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      Feather Pillow Inserts

      Are you tired of overstuffed, stiff pillows that cause neck pain and discomfort? Are you looking for an affordable solution that delivers a hotel-quality feel every time you go to bed? Say hello to Beddy's feather pillow inserts

      At Beddy's, our feather pillow inserts provide next-level comfort and a high-quality look that will expertly pair with your favorite pillowcase covers. We make all of our feature pillow inserts with 100% duck feathers designed to retain their shape for years to come, so please feel good about your investment.

      Beddy’s offers pillow inserts in four sizes:

      • Medium throw: 20" x 20"
      • Euro: 24" x 24"
      • Lumbar: 16" x 24"
      • XL Lumbar:: 17" x 39"

      After choosing pillow insert sizes, it's time to explore our collection of pillow covers and cases online. Beddy's has an extensive collection of colors, designs, and materials to fit perfectly around the pillow inserts, allowing you to create a beautiful bedroom in your home today!

      Why Choose Beddy's Pillow Inserts?

      100% Duck Feathers 

      Beddy's uses only 100% duck feathers in all our pillow inserts, providing a luxurious feel similar to the pillows at a 5-star hotel. Feather pillows also stay fluffier for longer and have a medium firmness to provide next-level comfort and support. 

      Keep Their Shape

      Unlike traditional, overstuffed pillows that get flat over time, our duck feather euro pillow inserts never lose their shape. This design allows our pillows to stand straight and full, always retaining a fluffy, luxurious look. 

      Variety of Sizes

      At Beddy's, we offer a variety of sizes. Whether you're looking for lumbar pillow inserts or 20x20 pillow inserts, we have an elegant solution to upgrade your bedroom. With our extensive collection of sizes, you can rest easy knowing that all the pillows in your bedroom have the same high-quality material and soft touch.

      Switch Out The Designs

      With throw pillow inserts, there's no need to commit to one look and style. You can easily switch out the pillow covers with a different design for the holidays when you want to redecorate your dorm room, or your master bedroom needs an upgrade! 

      Switching is a more affordable solution that removes the need to sacrifice comfort when switching up your bedroom style.

      Start shopping for our pillow insert collection today!