Luxe Zipper Bedding

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      Luxe Zip Bedding Provides Comfort & Style

      Elevate your bedding with our special Luxe line. This collection features our patented Beddy’s® one-piece design with upgraded materials for maximum comfort and style. Our Luxe bedding is divinely soft for the sweetest of dreams.

      Why Choose Beddy’s Luxe Line

      Our Luxe bedding sets transform how you make your bed. They offer:


      Your morning routine is a breeze with our innovative bedding design. Put the comforter on your bed just like you would with a fitted sheet; there’s a sturdy elastic border that keeps your Luxe zipper bedding securely in place. 

      When you undo the tabbed zippers around the comforter, you’ll see a sewn-in bottom sheet and a top comfort panel sewn to the underside of the comforter. In the morning, just close the zippers to make the bed–it’s that easy.


      Anyone can enjoy our Luxe linens; it’s bedding suitable for all ages, from children to adults. We’ve also found that our easy-to-use bedding is helpful for people with sensory processing disorders or disabilities. Our Luxe bedding sets are right at home in your primary bedroom, kids’ rooms, dorms, and RVs, adding style to any space.


      We use the best materials for all of our bedding sets, including the Luxe line. Even better, Beddy’s sets are machine-washable for easy care and hold up beautifully over time when you follow our cleaning instructions.

      Premium Luxury Zipper Bedding

      Beddy’s has always used high-quality 100% cotton in our bedding. For the Luxe line, however, we took it a step further and used a thicker, softer, and more durable cotton for the interior base sheet. It’s incredibly soft and feels oh-so-cozy against your skin. Plus, the exteriors of our Luxe zipper bedding generally feature woven patterns instead of prints.

      Luxe bedding comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Twin sets come with one standard pillowcase and sham, full and queen sets have two standard pillowcases and shams, and king sets include two king-size pillowcases and shams.

      You also get your choice of interior lining for the top panel: all cotton or minky. All cotton is cool and breathable, while our popular minky option is perfect for snuggling up for the night. 

      The Benefits of Luxe Zipper Bedding

      We think our Luxe bedding sets are extraordinary–and we bet you’ll think so, too. Here’s why:

      • It’s beautiful bedding that’s also functional and practical–even your youngest children can make their beds with ease.
      • Beddy’s works well for both boys’ and girls’ rooms.
      • We offer a full line of fashionable accessories, such as pillowcases and blankets, so you can create your own unique look for your bed.
      • The zipper closure can be fastened when you want warmth on cool nights, or unzipped if you like to kick your feet and legs out from your sheets.
      • You don’t have to worry about sheets slipping off the mattress or bunching up in the corner of your bed–your bedding is secure all night long with our one-piece design. 
      • We understand the importance of durable, high-caliber fabrics and design our Luxe sets to last for many restful nights to come.
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