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      Dual-Sided Blankets & Throws

      Deliver Warmth

      Want to add extra warmth or style to your bedding? You need to get the best blankets and throws. We’ve designed a selection of beautiful items that work harmoniously with our Beddy’s® sets and duvets

      Beddy’s Blankets are unlike any other blanket. The unique dual-sided design creates a perfectly weighted blanket to stay cozy year-round. The cotton blanket side looks great styled in a bedroom or living room and is cool enough to use in the summer when you just want the added comfort of a blanket. The fan-favorite minky blanket side will keep you warm and snuggly in the winter, with the added weight and loftiness of the Beddy’s blanket. All blankets are oversized for full coverage. 

      Soft, Durable Blankets & Throws

      Colors, patterns, textures, fabrics–you’ve got a lot to choose from when you shop for Beddy’s blankets and throws. We have everything from extra-comfy dual-sided cotton blankets perfect for chilly nights to acrylic throw blankets with decorative tassels. Of course, you can snuggle up with the ultra-plush softness of our signature minky blanket. All of our blankets and throws are made with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that we put into all Beddy’s products.

      What Is the Difference Between a Throw and a Blanket?

      Purpose and size are the two main differences between a throw and a blanket. Blankets are convenient if you need an extra layer to sleep under at night — most typically placed above a sheet and below a comforter or duvet. Placement depends on the thickness of your blanket. 

      A throw blanket, on the other hand, usually sits atop your bed and is smaller in size. While you can toss a throw blanket over your shoulders or onto your lap for added warmth, you typically wouldn’t sleep under one in bed. A throw blanket usually comes in more fabric and pattern options than a blanket and can have decorative embellishments that blankets wouldn’t. 

      Throws can also be used on different furniture pieces, such as couches or chairs, adding versatility and depth. Of course, because throws and blankets have different uses, there’s nothing stopping you from having both on your beds, couches, and loungers! At Beddy’s, you can get them both, as well as accessories that tie the look of your bed together.

      What Makes Beddy’s Blankets & Throws the Best?

      We’re known for our exceptional bedding and accessories, including all of our blankets and throws. Here are just a few reasons why you can’t go wrong with Beddy’s:

      • Innovative products: From our one-piece zipper bedding to our printable artwork downloads, we make it easy to create a beautiful bedroom. 
      • Superior customer service: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Enjoy our streamlined ordering process, and customer amenities ranging from fabric samples to a rewards program that gives you points for your purchases.
      • Thoughtful design: We create bedding products that are fashionable as well as functional. Only top-tier materials are used so you get attractive bedding that is built to last. 
      • Convenience: We know your time is valuable, which is why using or cleaning our bedding is a breeze. Save time making the bed and washing bedding so you can spend it on the things that really matter to you.

      Shop our throws and blankets and find the perfect pieces for your home!