Lumbar & Throw Pillow Covers

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      Decorative Pillow Covers

      Want to give your bed that extra-special finishing touch? Add some decorative pillows for a chic design statement. You can choose multiples of the same pillow size or mix-and-match shapes, but the key is choosing the right pillow covers.

      You can select covers to match your bedroom color palette; you may also want to add texture or pattern for a contrasting, eye-catching design element. The Beddy’s® collection of decorative pillow covers offers you limitless possibilities for creating your dream bed.

      Durable, High-Quality Pillow Covers with Zippers

      We use the finest materials and the best craftsmanship to create all of our covers. Like our regular pillowcases, these covers have zippers to help secure the pillow, keeping tags well hidden inside the cover for a clean, streamlined look.

      We offer our covers in three sizes:

    • Medium throw pillow cover: 17” x 17”
    • Euro pillow cover: 22.5” x 22.5”
    • Lumbar pillow cover: 15” x 22.5”

    • If you find covers you love, but you don’t have a pillow to fit them, don’t worry–you can get our superior feather pillow inserts online, too! Beddy’s makes one-stop shopping for a beautiful bedroom simple!

      The Benefits of Pillow Covers

      Covers are essential for a couple of important reasons. First, they play a crucial part in your bedding design. Matching decorative pillow covers with your favorite Beddy’s set takes your style to a whole new level. Use neutrals, tone-on-tone, complementary, or contrasting hues. Plus, you can select covers with unique patterns or embellishments like ruffled edges, tassels, or decorative buttons. And these covers give you great flexibility, too. Buy different colors to swap out for different seasons, and it’s like you’ve got a whole new bedding collection at just a fraction of the price.

      While Beddy’s pillow covers are beautiful, they’re practical, too. Although you won’t be sleeping on these throw pillows, a cover will still protect from dust, dirt, or any accidental spills that may happen in your bedroom. 

      Explore all the different possibilities for giving your bedding a fresh, modern spin. Shop our selection of pillow covers and inserts, and don’t forget to look at our latest accessories and newest bed set designs for a polished, pulled-together bed.