Dorm Zipper Bedding

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      Zipper Dorm Bedding

      Your college student is out on their own for the first time, and that can be a big adjustment. Make the transition easier by ordering Beddy’s® dorm bedding, with an ingenious design that allows your young adult to make their bed in seconds. 

      Twin XL Dorm Bedding Sets

      Beddy’s is the ultimate in college dorm bedding. Everything a student needs is in one convenient package. Here’s a crash course in Beddy’s 101:
      • On the outside of our one-piece design is a comforter, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
      • The edge of the comforter is zippered. Open the zippers, and inside you’ll find a sewn-in bottom sheet and a top comfort panel on the underside of the comforter.
      • Sleep inside your Beddy’s with the zippers open or closed. In the morning, just close the zippers, and the bed is made. 
      In a small dorm room, you don’t want a comforter and sheets sliding off the bed or wadded in a heap. Beddy’s dorm bedding sets help keep things tidy, making the space more livable.

      The Benefits of Choosing Beddy’s Zippered Dorm Bedding

      Don’t send your student off to school without our dorm bedding sets. Here are some of the many benefits of Beddy’s:

      Proper Fit

      We offer bedding sets in twin XL, the most common size of dorm room beds. You get a precise fit, without any guesswork, so you can order the bedding before school starts.

      Ultimate Comfort

      Dorm beds aren’t known for being the most comfortable. But Beddy’s dorm room bedding is made from exceptionally soft fabrics, ensuring your favorite student will sleep well, even when far from home. Our exterior comforter is cotton for comfort and durability. For the interior, choose cotton, super-plush minky, or our Luxe option with a thicker cotton bottom sheet.

      Cool Styles

      Our color palette includes contemporary shades as well as go-with-anything neutrals. And there's something for every taste, from our subtle tone-on-tone patterns to unique graphics. Add some flair to the bed with our range of accessories, and then dress up the dorm room walls with our downloadable artwork.

      Easy Care

      Students will actually wash their bedding regularly because Beddy’s makes the process easy. The comforter unzips completely and fits in dorm washing machines and dryers. 

      Beddy’s is best in class when it comes to high-quality bedding and accessories. Shop online for bedding for dorm rooms today.