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      King Size Zipper Bedding Sets

      Enhance the luxury of your king size bed with Beddy’s®! Stunning and simple to use, our zip-up bedding in king size adds stylish sophistication to any bedroom.

      You’ve never seen bedding like this before. The innovative design saves you time making the bed, and cleaning your bedding isn’t a chore, either! Shop our selection of zip bedding for king beds. 

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s King Size Zipper Bedding

      We set out to create the best zipper bedding in king, queen, full, and other sizes. Here are some of the features we’re sure you’ll love:

      No-Fuss Use

      Spend a little extra time enjoying your morning coffee, because making the bed won’t eat up precious minutes anymore. Our ingenious design combines the comforter, flat, and fitted sheets in one handy package. 

      The outer comforter attaches to your bed with strong and sturdy elastic, much like the typically fitted sheet. Open the zippers that are tucked in along the sides of the comforter and there’s a sewn-in bottom sheet and a comfort panel attached underneath the top comforter. You can sleep with the zippers open or closed, and then just zip up the comforter in the morning to make the bed. This zip-up bedding for king beds is easy for anyone to use

      Superior Softness

      A bed is made for curling up and relaxing. Beddy’s invites you in with the promise of coziness and comfort. 

      We use breathable 100% cotton for the comforter and its bottom sheet. From there, you can pick from the following options:

      • Cotton: Choose our all-cotton line for a 100% cotton top panel that keeps you cool while you sleep.
      • Minky: It’s hard to resist the plush softness of our minky top panel. Most people can’t resist it–this is our most popular fabric choice!
      • Luxe: The difference in the Luxe collection isn’t in the top comfort panel, but in the bottom sheet–we use a thicker, softer cotton. But our regular cotton is wonderful, too–it’s all about having options. 

      Fashionable Design

      Our zip bedding is king size in style! Choose from a comprehensive selection of unique patterns (including woven designs in the Luxe line) and a palette of lovely colors. Give your bed a polished look by adding items from our accessories collection.

      Easy Cleaning

      Follow our simple care instructions to keep your Beddy’s looking fresh and lovely. We focus on convenience when crafting our bedding, using fabrics that are machine washable. Beddy’s is a dream to use–and clean!

      Get the ultimate zipper bedding for your king bed. Shop Beddy’s today.