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      Full Size Zipper Bed Sets

      If you have a full size bed, you know how important it is to get linens that fit well. Twin sheets may be too narrow, while queen sets tend to droop off the bed because they’re too big. It’s not always easy to find just-right full size bedding–unless you shop at Beddy’s®!

      Our specially designed zip-up bedding for full size beds gives you a precise fit. With our unique one-piece design, your bedding won’t slip and slide around. Your Beddy’s set–and you!--stay snug all night long for the ultimate in comfort. Shop our full size zip-up bedding collection today.

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s Full Size Zipper Bedding

      Why should you try Beddy’s? A better question is, why shouldn’t you try us? Beddy’s zip-up bedding in full size offers many benefits, including:


      You won’t believe how easy it is to make your bed with Beddy’s. Our innovative design starts with an exterior comforter you slip on the bed, securing it with its heavy duty elastic edges like you would a fitted sheet. Inside, there’s a sewn-in bottom sheet and a comfort panel on the underside of the top comforter. 

      The comforter opens and closes with discreet side zippers. You can keep them open or closed while you sleep, then just zip them shut in the morning for a freshly made bed! This bedding works for everyone, including young children, older adults, and people with disabilities or sensory processing conditions.


      Our zip-up bedding in full size helps you sleep like a dream. You’re cocooned in the softness of the 100% cotton comforter and bottom sheet, with different options you can choose from:

      • Cotton: The top panel is made from the same high-quality cotton as the comforter and bottom sheet in this collection.
      • Minky: This is our most popular option for the top comfort panel, thanks to its incomparable plushness. Suitable for almost any climate, the minky wraps you in softness.
      • Luxe: This collection features a bottom sheet in thicker, softer cotton than our normal cotton. (Both are wonderful options!) The Luxe line comes in cotton and minky versions.

      Classic Design

      The style possibilities are almost endless, thanks to the variety of colors and patterns in our zip-up bedding full size collection. Each set comes with two pillowcases and two shams in standard sizes, and you can accessorize with our lovely selection of throw blankets, pillows, and more.

      Easy Care

      Your bedding will look beautiful over the long run because it’s so simple to clean. Separate the top and bottom sections of the comforter, put them in the washing machine, and follow our streamlined care instructions. Beddy’s sets are as easy to clean as they are to use!

      Make Beddy’s your destination for the best full size zip-up bedding.