Twin XL Zipper Bedding

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      Comfortable Twin XL Bedding

      If you’ve ever shopped for  sheets for a bunk bed or college dorm room, you may need sheets for an extra long mattress. That’s why we offer Beddy’s® zipper bedding in twin XL sizes.

      With our special, one-piece design, it’s so easy to make a bed, and that’s important if you’ve got the daunting task of changing the sheets on a bunk bed (or reminding your college-age child to wash their bedding). Shop our collection of zip-up bedding in twin XL sizes.

      Why Choose Beddy’s Twin XL Zipper Bedding

      There are many benefits to using Beddy’s twin XL zip-up bedding:


      Making the bed is a snap with Beddy’s ingenious design. On the outside, there’s a soft cotton comforter, which slips onto your mattress with ease and stays in place with sturdy elastic edges. Open the side zipper, and inside you’ll see a sewn-in bottom sheet and a panel attached to the underside of the top comforter. You can leave the zippers open or closed while you sleep, and in the morning, just close the zippers to make the bed.

      Incredible Comfort

      Curl up in one of our zipper bedding twin XL sets and enjoy a delightful night of sleep. That’s due to the high-quality fabric choices we offer. All Beddy’s sets feature a 100% cotton comforter and bottom sheet. From there, shop one of our three collections:

      • Cotton: The cool, breathable, 100% cotton top comfort panel is soft and durable.
      • Minky: The minky sewn-in top blanket is our most popular choice for coziness and comfort.
      • Luxe: This line features a bottom sheet in thicker, softer cotton than our standard sets. The Luxe collection has cotton and minky options for the sewn-in top sheet.  

      Fashionable Designs

      You’ll love all the color and pattern options available in Beddy’s zip-up bedding twin XL sets. Luxe bedding typically boasts intricate woven patterns instead of prints. Complete your chosen bed set with selections from our accessories collection, such as throw blankets or decorative pillow covers.

      Easy Care

      Cleaning your Beddy’s twin XL zipper bedding is not complicated. Just separate the bottom and top sections of the comforter and toss them in the washing machine. We offer clear instructions on caring for your Beddy’s set so you can enjoy them for many nights to come.

      You don’t have to hunt for exceptional twin XL zip-up bedding anymore. Shop Beddy’s today.