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      Minky-Lined Zip Up Bedding

      Bask in the softness of Beddy’s® minky zipper bedding. Our genius one-piece bedding blends comfort and convenience, perfect for curling up and relaxing at the end of a long day. Beddy’s takes bedding to the next level.

      Our minky bedding sets are fashionable and functional. Our bed linen designs feature stylish patterns, wonderful textures, and a palette of modern colors. Pick your favorite one, then experience how easy it is to make your bed with Beddy’s–you’ll never want to return to regular sheets again.

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s Minky Zipper Bedding

      You’ll love our minky zipper bedding. It offers:


      On the outside, Beddy’s looks like a regular comforter. But take a closer look and you’ll see the expertly sewn elastic band that attaches the comforter to your bed like a fitted sheet. Look again, and you’ll spot the pull-tab zippers that you open to reveal the real magic of Beddy’s; a sewn-in bottom sheet and a top comfort panel on the underside of the comforter. Keep the zippers opened or closed while you sleep, depending on your preference, and then zip it closed to make the bed after you wake up. That’s all there is to it!


      We use 100% cotton in our minky bedding sets. That’s why our bedding is so soft–and so durable. This kind of material is a dream to sleep in, so you feel cozy all night long.


      You can use Beddy’s minky zipper bedding anywhere, whether you’re at home in your primary suite or on the road in your RV. It works for children and adults, with sizes ranging from twin to king. Our neutral colors are suitable for boys and girls, and you can accessorize with throws, pillows, and blankets from our collection.

      Easy Care

      What could be better than a bed that practically makes itself? How about if the bedding is machine washable? That’s right, no dry cleaning, hand washing, or line drying. Follow our simple care instructions, so your Beddy’s set continues to look beautiful over the long run.

      Comfortable, High-Quality Minky Bedding Sets 

      Minky zipper bedding is the most popular choice among our customers. The top comfort panel is made of our signature plush and textured fabric, so it’s soft and snuggly, while the bottom sewn-in sheet is breathable cotton. Minky bedding is suitable for just about every climate, ensuring you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

      Here’s what our minky Beddy’s Bundle includes:

      • One standard pillowcase and sham (toddler/twin sets)
      • Two standard pillowcases and two shams (full/queen sets)
      • Two king pillowcases and two shams (king sets)

      The Benefits of Minky Zipper Bedding

      With minky zipper bedding you get:

      • Exceptional comfort
      • Easy care 
      • A streamlined morning routine
      • High-quality materials and construction
      • Stylish bedding and accessories
      Wrap yourself up in the comfort of our minky bedding. Shop our selection of minky sets, or browse our all cotton and Luxe lines to see all our unique zipper bedding options.