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      Zipper Bedding Designed for RVs

      Life on the road should be easy and uncomplicated so you can enjoy the journey. Beddy’s® zippered RV bedding allows you to relax and enjoy the ride. 

      No more struggling to change the sheets on an RV bed–the unique Beddy’s design lets you make the bed in a snap, so you have more time for hiking, biking, grilling, and getting the most out of your adventures. Make sure to pack our zippered bedding for RVs on your next trip. 

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s RV Zipper Bedding

      There are many reasons why you should use Beddy’s zipper bedding for RVs. You get:

      Easy Use

      It couldn’t be simpler to use Beddy’s unique RV zipper bedding. Here’s how the innovative design works:

      • Put the exterior comforter on your RV bed, securing it with the heavy-duty elastic border so it stays in place.
      • Pull the side zippers to open the comforter. Inside is a sewn-in bottom sheet and top comfort panel that works like a regular fitted sheet and flat sheet, respectively.
      • Slip inside the comforter and keep the zippers open or closed, depending on your preference.
      • Just close the zippers when it’s time to make the bed. That’s it!

      High Quality

      Our zippered RV bedding comforters are 100% cotton with a subtle sateen finish, so you get comfort and durability. The inner bottom sheet is also 100% cotton, so you get breathability no matter the weather.

      Choose zippered bedding for RVs from our three collections:

      The cotton sets use dreamy 100% cotton for the top panel, while the Minky panel is made from our coziest fabric. In the Luxe collection, you enjoy thicker, softer cotton for the bottom sheet, with your choice of cotton or Minky for the sewn-in top sheet.

      Stylish Design

      Your RV needs functional bedding, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Create Instagram-worthy looks with our bedding in beautiful colors and patterns (plus coordinating for the perfect finishing touch).

      No-Fuss Care

      All of our Beddy’s products are machine washable–you can easily clean them during a laundromat pit stop on a cross-country trip or at home after a weekend campout. The top and bottom of your comforter set can be separated for faster cleaning; just reattach them after they’re dry and slip them on the bed again.

      Beddy’s zipper bedding for RVs will absolutely change the way you travel. Shop the collection today.