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Establishing a healthy morning routine for kids 5 to 18 is crucial. It not only helps in developing better habits but also ensures their room remains clean and tidy, and personal hygiene is maintained. If you are looking to revamp your child’s morning routine or introduce some structure, you’re in the right place.

This article outlines the benefits of a morning routine and provides a checklist that will set the foundation for positive habits into adulthood.

Morning Routine Checklist

Keep it simple! Simplicity is the key to a morning routine for kids. Overloading your kid’s morning can lead to neglected tasks. 

Here are the 6 must-haves for a successful morning.

  1. Make the bed: Beddy’s simplifies bed making, so kids can easily kick start their morning.
  2. Wash up: Highlight the importance of personal hygiene and make sure the kids brush their teeth and wash for the day ahead.
  3. Get dressed: Ease your mornings by picking out outfits the night before and encourage your kid to express their style.
  4. Breakfast: Breakfast sets the mood for the day. Kick start your kid’s day right.
  5. Creative time: Set aside time for your kid to ignite their creativity and incorporate it throughout the day.
  6. Pack school bag: Before the kids rush out the door - make sure they have books, homework, and other essentials.

Tips For Creating a Realistic Morning Routine

Creating a realistic morning routine for kids can be a game changer in setting the right tone for their day. Here are some tips to make the process smoother and more effective:

  • Preparation is Key: Prep as much as you can the night before. Lay out clothes, pack the backpacks, and set the breakfast table. This reduces the morning rush and decision fatigue for both you and the kids.
  • Keep it Consistent & Simple: Stick to a consistent wake-up time. This helps make mornings more predictable and less chaotic. Too many tasks can be overwhelming for kids.
  • Rise Before the Kids: If possible, wake up a bit before your kids. This gives you some quiet time to prepare mentally for the day and to get a few tasks done without interruptions, making the whole process smoother.
  • Minimize Distractions: Create a distraction-free environment in the mornings. This might mean turning off the TV and keeping mobile devices away until the routine is complete. A calm, focused environment helps kids concentrate on their tasks.
  • Prioritize Healthy Habits:: Make personal hygiene non-negotiable. Encourage brushing teeth and washing up as soon as they get out of bed to instill good habits.
  • Nourish to Flourish: Never skip breakfast – it is essential for your child to start the day energized and focused.
  • Encourage Autonomy: Allow your kids to take charge of certain tasks. For instance, making their Beddy’s bed can be an easy and fun task, fostering independence and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Set Clear Expectations: Have a visible checklist or chart for the morning routine. This helps children know what's expected and track their progress.
  • Praise and Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate when they complete their routine on time or take initiative. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in encouraging desirable behavior.

How Making The Switch To Beddy's Can Help

Young boy zipping up his Beddy's zipper bedding.

A significant change comes with switching to Beddy’s for bed making. Our bed sets feature a comforter that transforms into a single, stylish, no-hassle bedding set. That means no more struggling with fitted sheets or worrying about your kids running out the door with an unmade bed.

Here's how Beddy's can improve morning routine for kids:

It’s All in One

Beddy’s unique design revolutionizes bed making, especially for kids. With just one piece to make the bed – not 3 – it combines the ease of a fitted sheet and the style of a quilted comforter. The innovative elastic banding snugly fits around the mattress, while the quilted top layer effortlessly zips up on either side, ensuring a neat, fitted appearance. This simple zip-up action means that your kids can have their bed made perfectly in 10 seconds with just a zipper – a real game-changer for busy mornings!

Of course, Beddy’s offers a range of stylish accessories. Each bedding set includes coordinating pillowcases and shams – you get 2 of each for queen or king sizes. For those who love to add extra flair, we also provide separate decorative shams, pillow sets, and bed skirts. Beddy’s is your one-stop shop for all your bed making needs.

It Simplifies Their Morning Routine

There are real benefits to encouraging your kids to improve their morning bed-making skills. Instilling this habit from a young age fosters a sense of responsibility and accomplishment that stays with them into adulthood. Bed making does not need to be a struggle, even for kids who move around a lot at night and tend to toss covers off when they sleep. Simplifying bed making can ease your morning routine and make it less daunting.

It’s Easy to Wash

On the subject of making things easier, Beddy's sets are machine washable. Bulky comforters or quilts often require an extra-large washer, but Beddy's sets easily fit into a standard-sized machine. Simply wash separately with cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Job done!

It Fits Their Bed

A Beddy’s set is meticulously crafted to fit your kid’s bed flawlessly.. We take great care to manufacture our sets to exact specifications. Our twin sets accommodate both regular and XL twin mattresses, perfect for bunk beds. The diverse sizing extends to our full and queen sets, designed for mattresses up to 5 inches deep, while our king sets cater to mattresses up to 18 inches deep. For detailed dimensions and sizing options, visit our website to find the perfect fit for any bed.

It Fits Your Kid's Personality

Beddy's sets are fashionable, stylish, and ridiculously cozy and come in various colors and styles. Whether you want a playful design for a boy's room or a soft and sweet one for your girls, we have a style your kids will love. Kids love bed making with Beddy’s fun bedding sets.

Get More From Your Morning Routine List with Beddy’s

Don't settle for sheets! Beddy's is one of the best bed-making ideas for younger kids who struggle to keep their rooms clean, so switch now and choose bedding that will enhance your kid's morning routine and help them maintain a clean room. Start shopping our collection for kids today!