5 Reasons Why Franklin Beddy’s is the Perfect Bedding For Your RV

Want to find the absolute perfect bedding for your RV? You’ve come to the right place. Trust us, we know all about the struggle of making an RV bed. And what originally came as a solution for bunk beds, was soon realized to also work amazingly in RVs… and that’s BEDDY’S, of course! 
Say hello to your new summer obsession: FRANKLIN BEDDY’S.
Now available in All-Cotton, Franklin will be your best friend during these hot summer months. On any summer adventure, you won’t want to go without your Franklin. This styled look is perfect for any RV, or a room in your home, too!
Pictured above is our Franklin Beddy’s, paired with two Franklin Euro Pillows, two Blair Euro Pillows, the Franklin Lumbar Pillow, and the Franklin Large Blanket. We’ve done all the hard work for you, and you can buy this whole bundle here.
So what is “All-Cotton”, you might ask? The exterior and interior of All-Cotton Beddy’s are 100% cotton with a soft sateen finish. All-Cotton is great year-round, but especially for the summer since the cotton gives you the best experience in even the warmest of climates. And, let us fill you in on a little secret: Beddy’s All-Cotton is probably the greatest bedding for your RV that you will EVER try. So here’s five reasons why Franklin All-Cotton is the way to go:
  1. The 100% cotton lined interior will keep you cool during the hot summer months. It’s extremely breathable and helps wick moisture away from the skin, so you no longer have to wake up feeling sweaty or clammy. Don’t you worry… we got you covered. Sayonara, sweaty summer nights!
  2. Beddy’s can zip ALL the way down, so you can still stick your feet out for some extra coolness. Or if you’d rather sleep snug as a bug, then you can! And that’s the beauty of Beddy’s—you can personalize it to fit your preferences! #yourewelcome
  3. Let’s talk about summer camping trips for a second… trying to get a fitted sheet around those tight quarters in an RV? We’ve been there. So instead of cursing under your breath and wishing someone else was doing it (we’ve been there too…) get a Beddy’s and start enjoying making your RV bed. 
  4. The style and look of Franklin will look good in ANY room. Its versatility is out-of-this-world, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It can definitely fit the outdoorsy or homey vibe, so really it’s an all-in-one! The beautiful textured gray fabric will turn any space into a showstopper.
  5. Two words: IT’S. EASY! It’s a win-win for everyone: you can teach your kids the healthy habit of making their bed every day, and then you don’t have to do it for them anymore! And when you get a Beddy’s for yourself, you’ll see just how better your mornings really are. Seriously, anyone can make a Beddy’s. So not only are you making it easier on yourself, but now you can get your kids to do it, too! ;)
But don’t take it from us… Jean-Pierre L. tells us why he loves Beddy’s for his RV:
“I am a full time camper, and live in my 20 ft Airstream Basecamp since last December. Every inch counts inside, but I managed to install a full size mattress. Making the bed in the morning was always a battle until I discovered Beddy's. I first ordered one set to try it. The following morning I ordered a second one. It makes my day and night! My day because it's so easy (a breeze) to make my bed and night since it's so soft and comfortable, really! I sincerely highly recommend Beddy's.”
Once you get one… you’ll want another, trust us! ;)
Tara T. says, “Best bedding for a RV out there. With the confined space that there is making a bed is challenging but with Beddy’s it literally takes two minutes. One of the best purchases I have ever made.”
So, there you have it! Beddy’s are an absolute game-changer for any room, but especially for RVs. Plus, the All-Cotton for summertime is seriously a no-brainer. Those tight corners don’t have to leave you frustrated any longer, and you can finally have a cool night’s sleep on those hot summer nights. 
And Franklin isn’t the only Beddy’s available in All-Cotton… there are SO many styles to choose from! ALL Beddy’s are available in either Minky or All Cotton, so pick your preference and enjoy the ease of zipping your RV bed into place every morning! 
Looking for inspo? See Beddy’s styled for RVs here.
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