A Dorm Room That Feels Just Like Home

We all know going off to college can be pretty intimidating. You are starting a new phase of your life. Parents often worry how their kids will do with the transition. There is nothing worse than that "new freshman" feeling on the first day of classes. Well what better way to make that transition easier than adding a few items that will make your child's room feel just like they're at home. 
1. Give them something to smell. 
Sometimes, just smelling something familiar can make you feel better. A Glade Plug In or something similar that is a scent that they love, goes a long way.  Maybe they love the smell of vanilla, or maybe they enjoy something more tropical. Scents are a great way to make someone feel like they're right at home. 
2. A cozy blanket goes a long way.
College is hard. You are bombarded with homework and tests just in the first week. It is stressful. A cozy blanket is just the answer for when you need to relax and unwind for a little bit. You can take a break from studying and snuggle up in your blanket. 
3. Recipe cards when they are craving that extra special something.
We all know what it's like to get cravings. Recipe cards are great for your kids when they decide they want to make their favorite meal or dessert. Maybe they are craving that taco soup you always make for them. Well if they have a recipe card they will be able to make it for themselves. They are sure to feel right at home. 
4. Photos of loved ones.
Sometimes just having a photo of your parents or siblings can make you feel less lonely. Those pictures are great reminders that you’re loved by so many. You can frame them, put them up on a wall, or even make a photo book to flip through when you start to feel home sick.
5. A Beddy's bed set for that better night's sleep. 
Don't forget all other twin sizes also fit on Twin XL, just a little bit snug. 
Like we mentioned before, college classes are tough and they are going to be exhausting. A Beddy's set is perfect for the dorm room because all they have to do is zip the bed down when they want to go to sleep and when they wake up and and then zip it back up when they have to rush to class the next morning. Their bed will always be made, which honestly will take away some of that stress you feel when your room is a mess. There are so many different styles for both guys and girls. Your college son or daughter will love the Beddy's set for sure! 
Adding just one of these items will definitely make your teenager's transition to college much easier. We hope you enjoyed these ideas. Please comment any other advice you have for parents of new college students.