Dorm Room Designs and Setup Ideas

Going from living at home to living in a dorm, from high school to college, and from kids to being legal adults -- these are all big transitions new college students face in every part of the country.

It's the next chapter in your life: a new college, new friends, and a new space to make your own. We won't beat around the bush, though – college dorms may be smaller than you expect, so be strategic and use dorm room setup ideas to help you get the most out of the small space. Here's everything you need to know:

Dorm Design Starts With The Right Layout

Maximizing space is the key to creating a comfortable dorm room or small studio space. Find small ways to get the most out of the room by decluttering, expertly placing furniture, and optimizing storage space. Here's how:

Mount your TV

The last thing you want to think about in a dorm is how and where you'll put your TV in the dorm room setup. TVs take up lots of space, especially when placed on your dresser or a table. Instead, consider mounting your TV on the wall, freeing up floor space.

Never Underestimate Storage Bins

Storage is your new best friend for maintaining a dorm room . As the saying goes, "A place for everything and everything in its place." If you leave tons of small items on your dresser, table, or floor, your room will look cluttered and small. Look for storage ottomans, bins that slide under the bed, and pull-out drawers to add to your dorm design. 

Have The Right Bedding

The right dorm bedding will make all the difference. An ill-fitting sheet and comforter in your dorm room design will look frumpy and messy. Make sure your sheets and blanket fit the dimensions of your dorm room bed, and get into the habit of making your bed before you start your day. An all-in-one bedding solution like Beddy's is a great solution. Making your bed will be easy and painless, and your room will always look its best.

A woman sitting at a desk in a dorm room, with zipper bedding for dorm.

Get a Rug

A rug in your dorm room design will add a pop of color and make your dorm room feel like a home. It's also a great way to protect the carpet underneath and keep your space looking its best. Consider looking for one that pairs well with your duvet or bed décor for a more cohesive look.

Coordinate With Your Roommate 

If you live with someone in the dorms, coordinate with them! Designing a dorm room takes two people, and the room will look better when you each decorate your part of the space. Getting your roommate's input on the dorm room setup ideas, themes, and colors will help create a fun, inviting space for both of you.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Your closet can also benefit from dorm room setup ideas. Be creative when maximizing the space -- look for vertical storage bins and containers, hang your shoes on the back of the door, and use the floor space. The more you can fit in your closet, the less clutter you'll have in your dorm room. 

Get Your Dorm Ready With Beddy's Bed Sets

Before you buy a sheet set for yourself or a recent grad, check out the positive impact Beddy's zipper bedding can have on their daily lives in college and dorm room design.

Quick and Easy

Most students no longer have a parent cajoling them into cleaning their room, and keeping a tidy room is probably not a top priority. And if class starts at 8 a.m., forget about bed-making until hours later (if at all!)

Make life a little easier with a Beddy's zipper set. No matter how early classes start, any student – no matter how lazy – should have time to run a zipper from one end of the bed to the other.

A woman neatly arranging a mattress on a bed, preparing it for use. The image showcases zipper bedding, ideal for dorm rooms.

Clean and Organized

Making the bed sets a tone of accomplishment for the day. Getting something done, however small, will make you feel energetic and confident about the rest of the things you must do that day.

With Beddy's, students can make their beds in seconds. A made bed's polished, organized look can be a game-changer in a dorm room setup, especially if there's clutter elsewhere. 

Space Efficient and Cozy

College is a time of newfound independence, but unfortunately, many schools have limited dorm room setups. A bed you can make in seconds will keep your dorm room tidy, but it's also a place to relax -- and a potential workspace. 

For a college student, a bed you work on is like having a couch and desk in one. The extra pillows support quickly changing reading positions, which reduces muscle strain and problems associated with sitting in one place for extended periods.

Zipper bedding enhances the functionality of a dorm room with a bed and desk.

Upgrade Your Dorm Room Setup With Beddy's

Beddy's is the perfect bedroom set for college grads, studio apartments, and small spaces. It will enhance your dorm room aesthetic and simplify your morning routine, creating a positive foundation for the rest of the day.

When you're ready to make the switch, start shopping for dorm bedding today!