Guest Feature: Bree from @rainandpineblog

We're excited to hear from Bree from @rainandpineblog and her little guy who is transitioning to a "big boy bed" using our Dash Beddy's! Check out her blog to read more. 
"My 2 year old, Arlo, is just transitioning to a big boy bed from his crib, and having a Beddy’s set on his bed makes it so easy for him to keep his bed tidy. We built a house floor bed for him to climb in and out of on his own, and knew we wanted an equally easy-to-use bed set. With Beddy’s, he can zip and unzip the bed set by himself, play on it and never make a mess, and always be cozy while sleeping in it. The Dash set also coordinates perfectly with his monochrome-Batman themed room!"