How to eliminate morning chaos!

Are mornings hectic at your house? They sure are at our house! Between searching the dirty clothes basket for their softest shirt, looking under the bed for the pair to their favorite socks, wondering what is in the dryer, and trying to convince them that a pink shirt and pink pants don’t match, mornings can be torture with those sweet kids trying to pick out their outfit for the day! It’s enough to give us all a major anxiety attack!! We have one easy tip to help eliminate that chaos each morning.

Simply use a hanging shoe organizer, like the one shown here, to set out their outfits for the week!


Sunday afternoon, while you’re folding laundry and catching up on reality TV, grab your child and together, pick out a week’s worth of clothes. This way, the kids get a say in their outfits but also can only choose from what mom says is acceptable. And set out everything needed for that day’s outfit. Does the skirt need tights under it? Set those with the outfit. Does he need his favorite socks on Tuesday? Set it out with that outfit. Pile in each day’s outfit to its own “shoe slot” and then each morning when it’s time to get ready, your child can just grab the outfit that’s already been set out and quickly get dressed. No more fighting, arguing or searching for the perfect outfit!

We use an organizer like this to set out our outfits for the week but there are so many options.

This Hanging Shoe Organizer click HERE

Or use something like this and you can have individual slots for shirt and pants, socks and underwear, and sweaters or sweatshirts.

Large Hanging Shoe Organzier

You can get the shoe organizers really anywhere, Walmart, Target etc but if you're like us and want a quick and easy solution, click HERE to order yours now! And because we LOVE Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, naturally we will advertise for them!! ;) Done and done!