Guide to Keeping Kids' Bunk Beds Looking Neat

As a parent, we are told that giving our children chores helps them grow to be responsible adults. While that may be true, getting your kids to actually do those household chores, can be a chore in-and-of-itself... for you! If you’re struggling to get your kids to do daily chores, maybe consider going back to the basics by encouraging them to start by making their bed each day. Admiral William H. McRaven said, “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another… making your bed will also reinforce that the little things in life matter.”

At what age should a child be able to make their own bed? With Beddy’s, that age gets a whole lot younger. Kids, and even toddlers, can literally make their bed in a just a moments time without fighting you over having to do it, or fighting the balled-up sheets to get it done. With little effort, your kids can have a beautifully made bed in seconds, and that even includes those particularly difficult beds that are impossible to make otherwise. You know what we’re talking about… BUNK BEDS! 

The importance of getting your children to make their bed is clear, but how to get them to do it can still be a mystery. We are here to tell you how. 

Choose the Best Bedding Size & Style


We’re here to tell you that hands down, Beddy’s is the best bedding for bunks or tight spaces. There’s nothing else like it. In fact it’s so good, it’s phenomenal whether you have a tight space or not!

Let's be real here, if you have built-in bunks or bunk beds with railings, things need to stay tucked in to look nice. But, that can often lead to scraped up knuckles to get it done and frustrated kids in the end. And let's be honest, it never looks good either. With Beddy's, there's no more crawling all over and around the bed to make it day after day, and there's no more frustration! For real! Our all-in-one, fitted style bedding leaves no extra fabric or bulk to get in the way. No fabric stuck in the corners and no more layers hanging askew. Beddy’s are the perfect solution for beautiful bunk beds. The zipper feature doesn’t just make making-the-bed doable, it makes it easy! And when doing a chore, is quick and easy and it’s more likely to get done. Plus, the clean tucked-in style means your beds look nice and neat and continues to look that way ALL. DAY. LONG.



As a mom, you may feel there is no such thing as too many throw pillows, but when it comes time to moving them every day and night, your child may feel otherwise.

If you just can’t get past your love for fluff (we can’t blame you 😉), choose pillows that will look good no matter how they’re stacked or layered. If you are still loosing the decorative pillow battle, as you can see above, a simple single throw pillow can go a long way. If kids can simply toss the pillows on the bed without having to worry about getting it perfect, they might be more likely to put them there instead of leaving them strewn across the floor. 

Another ingenious pillow solution is to arrange them at the foot of the bed instead of the head. That way, they can actually stay in place while kids sleep, and there’s no need to take them off every night or rearrange them every morning.


If your child loves having stuffed animals or dolls in bed with them at night, make sure there’s a place for these friends to live during the day (when they’re not being played with, of course). It should be somewhere accessible and relatively close to the bed so that putting them away feels easy.

In fact, make sure everything in the room has its own place. If toys, books, or art supplies don’t have a designated home, they’ll end up floating around the room, creating clutter wherever they go. Beds attract these “floating” objects almost as often as the floors do. So, when new toys arrive, make sure you have storage solutions for them. This will help your kids with keeping things neat. 


Most of us parents try to use bribing as a last resort, but giving kids incentives to do chores can be a game-changer. Now, making the bed with Beddy's will be so easy, your kids won’t need incentives for that (you’re welcome). But, in using any other bedding (not sure why you’d want to 😉) or in doing any other chore—a simple incentive can often times be effective. It can be anything from a sticker on a chart, to dessert after dinner. Show your kids you appreciate what they do, they just might pick up the habit and show you that they appreciate what you do too. 

Speaking of habits, children learn a lot just by watching you. They pick up on your good ones, and your not-so-good ones. Luckily for you, Beddy's makes a good habit easy (score one for you)!  Beddy’s comes in adult sizes and styles because after all, a good night's sleep and an easier morning isn't just for the kids, right?!. We have so many parents come back to buy their own Beddy's after seeing the benefits their kids are enjoying and wanting them for themselves. Now making the bed can be easy for even mom and dad too. Just because it’s an important habit, doesn’t mean it should be hard.

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