Guide to Keeping Kids' Bunk Beds Looking Neat

As most parents know, getting your kids to make their beds is far easier said than done. In fact, getting kids to do any daily chore – especially anything that feels like cleaning – is often the ultimate challenge. However, making bunk beds can be an easy process, and here’s how.

Choose the Best Bedding Size & Style 

You have built-in bunk beds or bunk beds with rails, things need to stay tucked in to look nice. Kids can get frustrated trying to shove the extra fabric of their comforter into the corners, but Beddy's bed sets are the perfect solution for beautiful bunk beds. 

The zipper makes it easy for kids to make the bed, and Beddy's clean tucked-in style means no extra fabric stuck in the corners or hanging askew. The Beddy's method essentially creates fitted comforters, which is what a bunk bed needs. When it's easy, your kids are more likely to make their bunk beds without complaint.


For pillows, have a set place and arrangement, or choose pillows that look good irrespective of how they’re stacked or layered. If kids can toss the pillows on the bed without worrying about the perfect arrangement, they may be less likely to leave them strewn on the floor.

 Another ingenious pillow solution is to arrange pillows at the foot of the bed instead of the head. That way, they will stay in place while kids sleep, removing the need to take them at night or rearrange them every morning.


If your child loves having stuffed animals or dolls in bed, make sure they have a place to live during the day (when they aren't playing with them, of course!). It should be somewhere accessible and relatively close to the bed so that putting them away will feel easy. In fact, make sure everything in the room has its own place. If toys, books, or art supplies don't have a designated home, they'll end up floating around the room, creating clutter wherever they go. Beds attract these "floating" objects almost as well as floors, so when new toys arrive, you'll need storage solutions to help kids keep things neat.

Add a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts add a playful feel to your child’s room and are a great tool to hide under-bed clutter, storage containers, and other items. With raised bunk beds, utilize the space underneath by adding a bed skirt to the bottom bunk, which will hide the items and keep the room looking and feeling neat and organized. This bedroom accessory will also keep dust from collecting under the beds. Keep in mind: Bed skirts only make sense for some bunk beds. Before investing in one, double-check to see if it will seamlessly wrap around yours.

Choose the Right Fitted Bunk Bed Bedding

There's nothing more frustrating than a bottom sheet that won't wrap around the edges of your bunk beds. Bottom sheets with heavy-duty elastic will eliminate frustrations and ensure an experience for your kids. If the bottom sheets are easier to slip on without causing a headache, you can feel confident that your kids will complete their cleaning tasks with the right bunk bed bedding.

Turn Cleaning Into A Fun Experience

Who says cleaning can't be fun? Cleaning and keeping your room tidy needn't be a negative experience for your kid. Get creative, have fun, and think outside the box! Take a fun approach to cleaning, and you'll get your kids excited about cleaning their space. If you have two kids, consider creating a friendly competition out of the cleaning process. Keep a scoreboard and provide rewards when they complete tasks on time. Turn cleaning into a fun experience, and you'll teach your kids good habits that will follow them into adulthood – a win-win situation for everyone!


It's normal for kids with different personalities to live in one room, but this doesn't mean everything has to be different in the space. Look for consistent, matching bunk-bed bedding -- different colored sheets and comforters can be off-putting and make the room look messier. 

In addition, always invest in all-in-one bedding for bunk beds with a design that accommodates both kiddos. This way, even if toys are on the ground or books are scattered around, the room will still have a clean and consistent look.

Invest in More Storage

If your kids have a ton of toys, clothes, and books, and there needs to be more space for everything, consider investing in more storage. Some bunk bed designs have storage built into the bottom of the bunk, making it easy to hide everything away when guests come over. These bunk beds can be a lifesaver if you feel the room is getting too messy!

Find the Best Bunk Bed Bedding With Beddy's

At Beddy's, we know how challenging it is to keep bunk beds looking neat, and we understand that messy bed sheets can detract from the look and feel you want in the bedroom.

We design our easy bedding for bunk beds solutions with you in mind. Features include comfort panels, heavy-duty elastic, smooth zippers, and sew-in sheets. When you switch to Beddy's, have confidence that your kids will be able to make their bed with little to no frustration, ensuring their bunk beds will always look neat and tidy.

Ready to find the best bedding for bunk beds? Start exploring our collection today!