How To Simplify Your Day

Managing our day-to-day lives, while trying to prepare and plan for the future, can leave us with a never-ending to-do list nearly EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. There is an age-old saying that goes, “there just isn’t enough time in the day” BUT, what if there was a way to get more time in the day? Or at least more done within the time we have? This month we are sharing just a few of our favorite products that will help to simplify your daily routine. 

Projector Alarm Clock



It’s no secret that a productive day, starts with a good night’s rest but did you know most people will actually wake up at least once or twice every night? Getting up, even just to check the time, can disrupt your sleep more than you may realize. We have a solution for you! Projection alarm clocks cast a luminous image of the time onto any wall or ceiling, which results in a soft display that's easily read from a distance, without an overly bright light straining your eyes. No more rolling over, sitting up, craning your neck, or even reaching for your phone on the nightstand, just open your eyes to see a large and clear display of the time directly above you. But, that’s not all! There is a dimmer, dual alarms for both you and your partner, and a convenient USB for charging.



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When you’ve awakened for the day, it’s time to tackle those daily chores and making your bed just may be the most important one! If you keep your bed clean and organized, it will likely continue throughout your entire personal space and ultimately your state of mind as well. Making your bed can not only reduce your stress levels, but can improve your mental health overall. Just because it’s important though, doesn’t mean it can’t be easy, and with Beddy’s, it really doesn’t get any easier. Beddy’s is a ONE piece unit that goes on your mattress just like a fitted sheet. There are TWO high quality zippers that run the length of the mattress and meet at the center of the foot of the bed. When it comes time to making it in the morning, there are just THREE easy steps. Pull up the comforter portion, tuck in the comforter panels, and zip the zippers. That’s it! It's as easy as 1…2….3..!!

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Robot Vacuum


You’ve made your bed, you’ve picked up the floors, now onto the vacuuming…but do you really have to do it? Let someone, or rather something else, take care of that for you! Time is money, as they say, and the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is all about saving you that valuable time. You can set up your robot to clean your home every day of the week, any time of the day, it will efficiently go about its business, and you’re freed up to do other things. Some models even mop as well, so go ahead and cross both tasks off your list.

Microfiber Cloths


No matter what cleaning project you take on next, you’ll want to take Kirkland Signature Microfiber Towels with you. Safe to use all on surfaces, proven to pick up 99% of bacteria, they work like magic, and leave behind a lint-free, scratch-free, and streak-free finish every time. No need to throw out after one use, throw them in the washer to use hundreds of times over. Want to know the best kept secret about these though? They are perfect for make-up removal! No chemicals, just water, and your full face of make-up comes off like never before. #thankuslater 

Item Finder



Headed to work or to run some errands? Misplace your wallet or keys? With the Tile tracker you can easily find whatever it is you are missing. All you have to do is press a button within the app, and the Tile will ring loudly enough for you to locate it. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way with little to no delay. 

Instant Pot



It’s now dinner time and your busy schedule has left you no time to prepare it and no energy to cook it. Sound familiar? Instant Pot to the rescue! With seven-in-one functionality, Instant Pots are now your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and food warmer in one amazing appliance. So no matter what you’re whipping up for dinner, Instant Pots are an efficient option that gives you a quick meal but very little clean up. These pressure cookers cook food almost 30% faster than conventional methods, but also give you food that retains more vitamins, minerals, and flavor than boiled foods, because there is less water for the nutrients to dissolve into. Good to eat and good for you? It doesn’t get any better.

Back to Bed


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After a long day, even with all the time you saved 😉, you're still exhausted and we can't blame you. Simply unzip the sides of your bed and climb on in because Beddy’s are just as easy to un-make, as they are to make in the morning.

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