Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

I don't know about you, but did Father's Day totally sneak up on you?! For Mother's Day, I had lists and lists of what I would tell the hubby and kids to get me and I had it totally planned out how I wanted that day to go! And it wasn't even a day I needed to plan, that was the hubby's job!! But all of the sudden Father's Day rolls around and nothing has been purchased, let alone planned out. Whoops!
So here is a list of a few things we think Dad will love that won't take too much time. 
Amazon Echo:
Have you guys seen these? "Alexa" pretty much does it all! Now only if she would make dinner right?!. What she can do is: answer questions, read the news, report traffic and weather, read your audiobooks from Audible, give info on local businesses, provide sports scores and schedules and more just by calling out to her and asking or telling her what you need. She will even add things to you grocery shopping list! Order one below and choose Prime shipping and get it in time for Father's Day. Now Dad can play his music just by asking. 
Order your Amazon Echo (Alexa) HERE.
Fidget Spinners:
All Dad's are pretty much kids at heart, right?! With Fidget Spinners being all the rage, why not get Dad in on the fun! 
Order a fidget spinner here. Or I have seen them at most 7-11 locations. 
Fidget Spinner
Grill Tools
Father's Day is a great time of year to replace your (his) grill tools.... and then have Dad make dinner one night. Home Depot is doing 15% off Grills and Accessories for Father's Day which is always nice to save a little. Shop Home Depot's selection HERE.
Home Depot Grill Tools
And for you DIY-er's, our friends over at Lolly Jane have an awesome Father's Day gift basket that you could do TODAY! .
Photo Credit: LollyJane
We want to hear from you... What are you getting your Dad or Husband for Father's Day?
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