Simple Tips for Washing And Caring for Your Bedding

Did you know you should wash your sheets at least once weekly? When juggling your busy lifestyle, this is sometimes easier said than done. However, regular washing can help eliminate dirt, grime, and bacteria while improving your sleeping patterns. 

We've outlined a simplified process for learning how to clean bed sheets and bedding to make it part of your weekly routine. 

Here's everything you need to know:

How to Wash Sheets 

Wash your sheets at least once weekly to help eliminate dirt, grime, and pet fur that gathers throughout the day.

  • Treat stains with a stain treatment before adding them to the washer.
  • Wash your sheets in cold water on a normal cycle.
  • Stick with liquid detergent. Pods and beads can leave stains on your sheets if trapped in the folds.
  • Dry your sheets on a low setting.

Repeat this process at least once a week when you can.

Pro tip: Never wash your sheets with clothes. If your washer is big enough, consider adding your duvet cover and pillowcases into the cycle. 

How to Wash Bedding

If you have a down or down alternative comforter, avoid excessive washing, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Instead, we recommend washing your duvet cover regularly—at least once a week or every other week.

Here's how to wash bedding:

  • Start by separating your bedding from your sheets.
  • If you're washing comforters, check your washer's load size. Some comforters are too big and may need a professional dry cleaner.
  • Before adding it to the wash, use a stain treatment to remove any stains.
  • Add your comforter to your washer and wash,. it on a low, gentle cycle.
  • Put the heat on low when transferring to a dryer to avoid clumping.
  • Fluff and rotate to help distribute the fluff.
  • If your dryer isn't big enough for your comforter, or you're worried about ruining its integrity, consider air drying instead.

Most duvet covers are thin enough to be washed with sheets. However, always read the care instructions before laundering sheets and duvet covers together. 

How to Wash Your Pillows 

Pillows typically only need to be washed once a year. However, when cleaning sheets and duvets, you should always throw the pillowcases into the wash. Pillowcases are susceptible to the same dirt, grime, and oil as the rest of your bedding, so wash them regularly. When washing your pillows:

  • Add them to your wash with a gentle detergent
  • Never overstuff your washer. You may need to wash your pillows separately depending on their size and how many you have.
  • Switch your pillows to the dryer and dry on a low heat setting.
  • Avoid mildew or unpleasant odors by making sure your pillows are 100% dry before removing them from the dryer.

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