The Best Bedding For Toddlers and Kids in 2021

When you’re choosing bed sets for toddlers and kids, there are many things to consider - quality, style, personality and functionality, just to name a few. Some say that you can sense your child’s personality as early as in-utero so it’s no surprise that by the time they’re a toddler, they already know exactly what they do or do not like. One thing you can be sure of though, is everyone loves Beddy’s! Not only will your kids love bedding that’s as cozy as it is cute, but mom and dad will love it too! With Beddy’s, you can outfit your kids’ rooms with stylish high-quality bedding, that’s as easy-to-wash as it is to make (which is pretty darn easy!). 


Even as a toddler, each child has their own likes and interests, so it’s important they have a space for themselves that best reflects their own little (or BIG) personality. Beddy’s come in a variety of styles and sizes. They vary in color and pattern and (starting in our twin size), you can also choose the type of interior fabric lining. We offer both minky or all cotton options. What’s the difference and what is the best option for you? Find out here

We design our beds with your kids in mind. Our neutral colors and patterns allow you to style them in countless ways and will grow with your child, making Beddy's a long-lasting investment.  


A bedroom featuring twin framed bed. Bed shows our Modern Gray Beddy's with our Point Break ocean themed accessories. 

When you’re picking out bedding to fit your child’s interests and tastes, color is an easy place to start. From the teen who wants a more grown-up gray to the little princess who needs pink in everything, Beddy’s range of colors has you (and your kids) covered. Featured above is our Modern Gray Beddy's with our Point Break Accessory Bundle, and below is our Blush Toddler Beddy's accented in the sweetest gold accent pieces because what’s a little princess without her crown?

An image of a bedroom featuring a white toddler bed. Bed features our Blush Toddler Beddy's and gold accent pillows.  


Beddy's Checked Out (gray, black and white buffalo check pattern) on a twin size bed with a black and white blanket, black and white striped euro pillow, red and white medium size pillow and a black and white skateboard lumbar pillow. 

For kids who want a little more oomph than a solid color, Beddy’s has patterns and prints in both classic or eclectic combinations. Choose between a clean stripe, a subtle plaid, large black or white dashes, or a buffalo check. These patterns look great on their own, but to really showcase your child’s interest, you can easily add any accessories you’d like. To get this winning look, we added our Jet Accessory Bundle to our Checked Out Beddy’s. 


Functionality is a must and Beddy’s puts the fun in function. No more fighting with your kids to do this daily chore. Not only is making the bed easy with Beddy’s (that’s why we call it “Bed-ease” 😉), but kids actually enjoy doing it! The key to it all.....the zippers! 

Another bonus of our functionality is the bed actually stays made! All. day. long. For real, even when your little monkeys jump on the bed! 


From your fitted sheet to your comforter, Beddy's is all of your bedding in one, held together with dual zippers. Everything you need is included and there's no need to buy any other piece of bedding. 

We also have two different styles of Beddy's. As mentioned above, we have an all-cotton option, which features a 100% cotton lining on the interior of the comforter (which is a great choice for very hot climates or warm sleepers) or you can choose the minky lined option, which means the back of the comforter is lined with a cozy, textured, plush minky fabric. Our minky is our most popular option and is generally good for most climates. It's also so comfy you will think you have died and gone to heaven! 


Easy To Make

With Beddy’s, kids - and even toddlers, can literally make the bed in a just a moments time without fighting you to do it, or fighting the balled-up sheets to get it done. No more crawling all over and around the bed, and no more frustration. High quality zippers run the length of the bed on both sides. When they’re zipped, the zippers are invisible and it looks like a fitted quilt that’s been perfectly tucked on every side and in every corner. With little effort, your kids can have a beautifully made bed in seconds, and everyone will be a happier for it. 

 Perfect For Bunk Beds

An image of a bedroom featuring white bunk beds. Both beds feature our sage green and white striped Wild Thing Beddy's and animal print- Wild About It Accessories. 

Bunk beds are known for being the hardest kind of bed to make, and they are also known for always looking sloppy…. but not with Beddy’s! With Beddy’s, there’s no fuss and no extra fabric hanging over the bed to detract from the clean, polished look. No more scraping your knuckles trying to get everything tucked in. Just two simple zips and the bed is made! It’s the ease and fitted style that makes Beddy’s the ideal choice for bunk beds (Beddy's was actually created with bunk beds in mind!). You can recreate this look by grabbing our Wild Thing Beddy’s along with our Wild About It Accessories. Buy them separately or in the perfect bundle (which will also save you a bundle as well). 

Easy To Wash


Not only are Beddy’s easy to make and easy to maintain, they are also extremely easy to wash. No laundromat, no extra large washer, and definitely no dry cleaning required. Wash it in one piece, or separate it into two. Simply toss it in the washer by itself with cold water and on normal cycle. After it’s washed, toss it in the dryer on low heat. Then back on the bed it goes, all in one piece and as beautiful as ever. Beddy’s is a parent’s dream you will never want to wake up from. Style your dreamy bed like the one above with our Nautical Navy Beddy's with our Endless Summer Accessory Bundle. 

What Beddy’s style would you choose for your kid’s room? We want to hear and we’d love to see! Please feel free to send us an email or a direct message on our social channels and your room could be featured here on our blog or on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also show us how you style your room with Beddy's, by posting a picture to YOUR social media tagging @beddys and using the hashtag #mybedzips to be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 giftcard to our website. Don’t have a Beddy’s yet but still want to enter? No problem! Use a picture from our website with the hashtag #thisbedzips for the same chance to win!

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