Tips for Making Your Morning Routine Run So Much Smoother

Another school year is right around the corner and we at Beddy's wanted to share a few tips on how to help your back-to-school morning routine, a little less hectic. 

1. Get a good night rest with Beddy's  

With it's soft minky interior and easy zip-up sheets, your kids will fall asleep, wake up, and make their bed faster than ever before with Beddy's Bed Sets. Just think how much smoother your mornings would run if everyone (you too, mama) got a full nights rest? 

2. Prep the night before

A simple trick for an anxiety reduced morning is to prep everything the night before. This way, there is no frantic running around the house, trying to find where your son/daughter last left their lunchbox. Here are a couple of easy things to prep before the following school day: 

          • Breakfast

          • Outfit of the day  

          • Backpacks 

          • Lunches 

3. Set your kids alarm with their favorite song 

No one likes waking up to a blaring alarm, do they? Make waking up a little more enjoyable by setting your kid's alarm to their favorite song! Just imagine how this would help the morning grumps wake up with a smile on their face instead (you too, dad).

4. Make a visual check list 

Try giving the morning responsibilities back to your kids by creating a check list for them. A checklist will create a sense of accomplishment when they get to mark that 'to-do' off their list. To make it even more fun, try incorporating stickers and bright colors! You can find this free printable on Today's Parent blog post here.

5. Set your expectations

Before school starts again and everyone's life becomes insanely busy, sit down and have a family discussion about what the expectations are for the mornings and afternoons. Communication and staying clear on what is important is key to creating a smooth back-to-school routine. 

Give some of these tips a try, and who knows, not only will it make your morning routine easier, but it may even make the kids happier! I think we can all agree that happy kids, make happy parents.