What Are The Best Sheets To Sleep On For A Good Night's Rest?

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Stress levels, health, and habits can have a huge impact on your sleep quality, but they aren't the only factors that contribute to a good night's rest. Your chosen sheets and bedding can also dictate your sleeping schedule, so it's essential to consider the materials and invest in a high-quality option that aligns with your preferences. 

So, what are the best sheets to sleep on, and how can you find the best material to accommodate your sleep patterns? Read on for more details!

The Five Best Materials to Sleep on

When looking for the best bed sheets, you may feel overwhelmed by the available options. Each option provides a different sleeping experience, so weigh the pros and cons before investing in new bedding. 

Here are the five best materials to sleep on:

100% Cotton Sheets 

cotton sheets

You can't go wrong with 100% cotton, which is comfortable and luxurious. Cotton is one of the only materials that gets softer the more you wash it. 100% cotton is also durable and designed to last at least two to three years, so you can feel confident you're getting your money's worth. 

100% cotton sheets are also breathable and great for temperature regulation, making them the perfect option for hot sleepers who struggle to get a good night's rest with their current sheets. 

At Beddy's, we make most of our high-end bedding with 100% cotton. This material is cozy and perfect for all climates, so you don't need to switch out your bedding when the seasons change. 


Silk is a high-end, hypoallergenic choice with temperature regulation properties, making it a great year-round option. Silk is renowned for its luxurious feel and is one of the best materials to sleep on at night. Every time you go to bed, you'll feel like you're falling asleep in a five-star hotel. 

Silk is also gentler on the skin and hair, reducing the risk of dry skin or hair breakage. If you're obsessed with luxury and want to prioritize your hair and skin health every time you go to bed, silk is the best material for your lifestyle. 


satin sheets

Satin is a synthetic material that has the same luxurious look and feel as silk. It's durable, more affordable, and has many of the same hair and skin benefits. 

At Beddy's, we have Ivory Satin Pillowcases that help prevent hair breakage, minimize wrinkles, and keep you cool at night. It's soft to the touch and comes in two sizes: standard and king.


linen sheets

Linen, known for its lightweight and breathable properties, is the ideal fabric for sleeping in bed. It aids in temperature regulation and minimizes nighttime perspiration, ensuring a more restful sleep in the hotter seasons. While it may not initially feel as soft as minky or 100% cotton, linen becomes increasingly comfortable with each wash.

Minky Fabric

minky fabric

Minky is an ultra-plush cotton material with 100% polyester fibers that's great for warmer climates. The soft material is durable and warm, ensuring you'll get a great night's sleep every time you jump into bed. Even though minky material is soft and plush, it does have temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties. 

If you're looking for something softer and more plush than 100% cotton, we have zipper bedding available in a Minky option. We've designed our bedding to have a minky interior fabric with a 100% cotton base sheet so you can stay warm and cozy while experiencing the benefits of 100% cotton. 


jersey sheets

Looking for a warmer material for the colder months when sleeping in bed? You can't go wrong with a jersey. Jersey material is ultra soft and cozy but still breathable. It's the go-to choice for staying warm and snug during the winter. However, it's not the best material to sleep on during every season. However, you'll want to switch out your bedding and sheets during spring and summer.

Experience The Best Sheets to Sleep On With Beddy's

At Beddy's, all of our zippered bedding is made with 100% cotton or has a Minky lining. This high-end material is perfect for year-round use and will help you improve your sleep patterns and aid with a better night's rest.

Explore our selection of zippered bedding today!