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The Best Bedding For Toddlers and Kids

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 19, 2016 1 Comment

The Best Bedding For Toddlers and Kids

When you’re choosing bed sets for toddlers and kids, there are two key things to consider: personality and functionality. Even toddlers have their own personality and things they love, so for kids of any age, make sure their bed reflects them. Functionality is a must, too. The right bedding for kids is bedding that’s easy to wash, easy to maintain, and easy for kids to keep neat all on their own.

For the ultimate in both these must-have qualities, there’s Beddys. With Beddy’s, you can outfit your kids with high quality, easy-to-wash, easy-to-make beds they will simply love.


Beddy’s sets come in styles to please any personality.


When you’re picking out bedding to fit your child’s interests and tastes, color is an easy place to start. From the little princess who needs pink in everything to the teen who wants a more grown-up gray, Beddy’s range of colors has you (and your kids) covered.


But for kids who want a little more oomph than a solid color, Beddy’s has patterns and prints in both classic and eclectic combinations. You’ll find flowers and polka dots living happily together, greens and pinks making splashes side by side, classy damask prints dancing in bold red and black, and calm blue and white stripes keeping things anchored with clean simplicity.


Easy To Make

The best thing about a Beddy’s set is that it’s easy. (That’s why we call it “Bed-ease.”) And the key to it all is the zipper. Beddy’s is an entire bedding set, from fitted sheet to quilt, in one piece, held together with dual zippers that turn making the bed into a breeze.

Kids and even toddlers can literally make the bed in a moment, without fighting, without crawling all over and around the bed, and without any frustration. Your kids can have a beautiful made bed in seconds, and everyone will be a happier for it.

All In One

There’s a soft sheet layer on the bottom that stays on the mattress like a fitted sheet, and an even softer, minky fabric lining the comforter on top. High quality zippers run the length of the bed on both sides. When they’re zipped, the zippers are invisible and it looks like a fitted quilt that’s been perfectly tucked on every side and in every corner.

Perfect For Bunk Beds

The ease and fitted style also makes Beddy’s a fantastic choice for bunk beds, which are even harder to make and harder to keep looking nice. With Beddy’s, there’s no fuss and no extra fabric hanging over the bed to detract from the clean, polished look.

Easy To Wash

Plus, Beddy’s sets are extremely easy to wash and care for. No laundromat, no extra large washer, and definitely no dry cleaning required. The whole things goes in the washer in one piece. Simply toss it in by itself and run it through the gentle cycle with cold water. After it’s washed, you just toss it in the dryer on low.

Then back on the bed it goes, all in one piece and as beautiful as ever. That’s what makes Beddy’s a parent’s dream—one you don’t have to wake up from.

Beddy's Zipper Beds
Beddy's Zipper Beds


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