Why Zipper Bedding Is the Best Choice for Toddlers in 2023

Two key things to consider when choosing bed sets for toddlers and kids are personality and functionality. Toddlers have unique personalities and things they love, so make sure their bed reflects that.

Functionality is a must, too. The right bedding for kids should be easy to wash and simple to keep neat on their own. If your kids need help with fitted sheets or hate making their bed, it will leave their room messy and unorganized.
That's where zipper toddler bedding from Beddy's comes in. With Beddy's Bed Sets, you can outfit your kids with high-quality, easy-to-wash, easy-to-make beds they will love. We're here to walk you through everything you need to know about zipper bedding for toddler beds and kid beds.

Let's take a closer look:

What is Zipper Bedding?

 A white bunk bed adorned with purple and rainbow pillows, creating a vibrant and cozy sleeping space.

Zipper bedding is bedding that comes all in one piece. The sheets, blanket, and everything you need for a clean, neat bed attach with a zipper, making slipping on your toddler's bed easier.

When you use traditional bedding, you pull the pieces over the mattress individually, which can take forever. Even if you take your time, the fitted sheet might still move around, leaving an awkward fit for your bedding. Consequently, this can leave your toddler's room messy and untidy, which may dissuade them from making their bed.

With zipper toddler bedding, it's all done in one swift motion, with a sewn-in fitted sheet and a zipper-attached blanket and cotton cover. At Beddy's, we eliminated the top sheet and replaced it with a Minky cotton cover to provide comfort for the kiddos. (Were we ever really using the top sheet anyway?)

The high-quality, invisible zippers run the length of the bed on both sides, making it look like a fitted quilt that’s perfectly tucked on every side and in every corner.

This bedding style makes it easy for toddlers and kids to make their beds and keep a clean and tidy room.

Benefits of All-In-One Toddler Bedding With Zipper

An image of a white bunk bed adorned with green bedding for children.

It's no secret that traditional bedding and toddler bed sheets rarely accommodate children, let alone toddlers. They're messy, hard to use, and kids have to make their beds every morning to keep their rooms looking good.

Traditional toddler bed sheets often come in vibrant colors and designs, but they may not have the functionality to accommodate your kiddos. Here's what you can look forward to with fitted bedding:

Easy To Make

Blue zipper bedding on blue blanket with high quality zipper.

The best thing about a Beddy’s set is that it’s easy, which is why we call it “Bed-ease.” The key to it all is the zipper -- Beddy’s is an entire bedding set, from fitted sheet to quilt, in one piece, held together with dual zippers that simplify the process of making your bed.

When your kids wake in the morning, all they need to do is zip the blanket back up, fluff the pillows, and get ready for their day! Our zipper bedding for toddler beds is easy to use and eliminates parents' frustrations when their kids forget to make their beds.

Kids and even toddlers can make their beds in minutes without fighting, scrambling around, friction, or frustration. Your kids can have a beautifully made bed in seconds, and everyone will be happy. Check out all our toddler Beddy's Sets on the website.

Perfect For Bunk Beds

The ease and fitted style make Beddy's a fantastic choice for bunk beds, which are hard to make and harder to keep looking nice. With Beddy's, there's no fuss and no extra fabric hanging over the bed to detract from the clean, polished look. 

Machine Washable

Beddy's sets are also easy to care for and wash. No laundromat, no extra large washer, and no dry cleaning required. The whole thing goes in the washer in one piece. Toss it in the washer and run it through a gentle cycle with cold water. After washing, dry it on the lowest setting, then put it back on the bed – all in one piece and as beautiful as ever.

Keeps Your Kids Snug Throughout The Night

Blue bedding and plant accent a comfortable bed.

Zipper toddler bedding is like a big warm hug throughout the night! When your kids jump into bed and get ready to sleep, they can just pull the zipper down and slide right in. As your kids get older, they may want more room to move and stretch their legs. With Beddy's zipper bedding, they can move the zipper back as far as they wish for more room to move. 

Bedding That Compliments Their Personality

Explore a Wide Range of Color

Beddy’s sets come in styles to please any personality. When you’re picking out bedding to fit your child’s interests and tastes, color is an easy place to start. From the little princess who needs pink in everything to the teen who wants a more grown-up gray, Beddy’s range of colors has you (and your kids) covered. 

An Assortment of Classic and Vibrant Prints

Beddy’s has patterns and prints in classic and eclectic combinations for kids who want a little more oomph than a solid color. You’ll find flowers and polka dots living happily together, greens and pinks making splashes side by side, classy damask prints dancing in bold red and black, and calm blue and white stripes keeping things anchored with clean simplicity. 

White bunk bed featuring blue zipper bedding.

Explore Toddler Bed Sheets from Beddy

When you're tired of messy, unmade beds and hectic mornings with your toddler, it's time to switch to Beddy's. We have a variety of zipper toddler bed sheet sets in various colors, styles, and designs, so there's no need to sacrifice style for comfort! We design all our solutions with high-quality material, heavy-duty elastic, and a sewn-in sheet. Best part? Everything comes in one piece. 

Start shopping for our selection of the best toddler bed sheets today!
A kid's bed with a white headboard and a green & white striped comforter, featuring green zipper bedding.