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Design A Girls’ Room—Starting With Beddy’s

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 03, 2016 3 Comments

Design A Girls’ Room—Starting With Beddy’s

Beddys bed sets come in a beautiful range of feminine styles for girls and girls at heart. Read on for tips and ideas on how to create a beautiful space with our different styles.

Vintage blush

These soft pink ruffles delight kids, pink-lovers, princesses, and anyone looking for a romantic feminine feel. It fits beautifully in country, shabby chic, or eclectic design styles. Accessorize with soft neutrals, touches of gold for sparkle, light breezy window curtains, florals, and a little princess fantasy.

Totally Unexpected

This one’s for the girl who knows what she wants. It’s a stand-out in fun and funky contrast. Complement the stylish bedding with neutral, light-colored walls in solids or strips and big, bold wall décor.

Ruffled Rosette

A perfect choice for the shabby chic. It goes beautifully with floral accents and natural, garden hues. Combine it with light greens and sky blue, or take it up a notch with bursts of turquoise. The soft colors and style will also give a feminine touch to a more contemporary or geometric-style space.

Retro Ruby

This red and white style pairs beautifully with clean, black and white accents, but it’s surprisingly versatile. Try pairing it with natural wood pieces, jewel tones, metallic elements, even crystal accents. Neutral wall colors are best for making the beautiful print pop, but a ruby or pink accent wall behind the bed would be stunning.

Lacey Lou and Modern Gray Ruffles

These are both modern and feminine with a mature, sophisticated feel. The contemporary, neutral black-and-white color palettes give you almost endless possibilities, from sleek minimalist design to bold color statements. They also mix well with softer, pastel tones.

Pretty in Polka Dot

This serene yet playful style makes its mark surrounded by light-colored walls and clean white accessories. Accessorize the room with jewel tones, retro floral designs, and bohemian touches. Make sure there’s plenty of pattern and texture. If you want a softer look, complement it with green tones for a serene, natural feel.

Perfectly Miss Matched

Bring out your favorite tones in this eclectic style with color-coordinated accents in light green, coral, or turquoise. Light, neutral walls will really make the colors pop.

On Cloud Nine

Beautiful, cool and breezy, this turquoise hue shines with bright colors. Contrasting patterns in decorative pillows or even a rug are a must. Complement it with jewel tones and bright florals for a tropical feel. This set also pairs beautifully with Perfectly Miss Matched pillows and accessories.

Ooh La Lavender

Sweet, feminine, and whimsical, this style is perfect with neutrals like white and gray. Combine it with soft fabrics like a lush rug and touches of silver for shine and contrast.

Chic White

The design possibilities with this style are literally endless. White ruffles add a feminine touch to a contemporary or minimalist space. And this bright, neutral set lets you be bold with other elements, like statement lighting. Add sleek gray pillows for a sophisticated, romantic look, or toss in splashes of bright color.

With Beddy’s, any girl’s room is off to a stylish start.

Beddy's Zipper Beds
Beddy's Zipper Beds


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Julie Vonderhaar
Julie Vonderhaar

July 19, 2017

We are looking for a twin best in retro red. Will we have any luck? Thanks.


June 30, 2017


Jamie Chambers
Jamie Chambers

June 06, 2017

Hi, my name is Hannah I’m using my mom’s email. I think beddys are really cool and I want to degsin one.

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