Tips For Decorating A Boy’s Room

Unless you’re decorating for a newborn, chances are your child has likes and loves and personality that you can reflect in the design and décor of their room. Here are some tips to get you started on a room you and your boy will love.


Decide whether you want a single theme. Classic themes for boys like trains, cars, boats, dinosaurs, bugs, or space can be a great way to easily find inspiration, décor, and accessories to match. Young kids can be particularly passionate about the things they love, but those loves come and go as kids grow.

Think long-term about how the room can grow with your child. If you do choose the theme route, you may want to keep most theme items as just that—items. Wall art, bedding, and lamps are easier to change than, say, wallpaper. Stick with solid-colored walls that can be a backdrop for your child’s changing interests. Wide painted stripes are also an attractive and versatile choice.

Color Choices

If a theme feels too limiting, start with colors. And don’t be afraid of color. If your kid’s personality is bold and bright, their room probably should be, too. Mix bright colors with bold accents, like blue with orange, and add a variety of textures and prints to keep things fun and whimsical. Incorporating some neutrals will keep it from feeling overloaded.

On the other hand, if your child is more quiet or sensitive, their room should reflect that to make sure it’s a space they feel safe in. Calmer colors in lighter shades can be the way to go, with a pop or two of something brighter for contrast.


Don’t neglect the bed. Odds are your child isn’t a fan of naps or bedtime, but the bed should always feel inviting and personal. Finding the right bed sets for kids can even help them be more willing to climb in when it’s time. Of course a comforter in a favorite color, print, or cartoon character can be fairly easy to find, but there are also less conventional sets that make it easier for even very young kids to make their bed in the morning.

Zipper bedding like Beddys sheet sets are sheets and comforter in one piece—and all your child has to do to have a perfectly made bed is to zip it up. There’s nothing hanging askew, no layers to tuck in, and no crawling around to reach corners. Plus, they fit beautifully with multiple themes and color schemes.

Don’t forget pillows. Adding fun, decorative pillows to your child’s bed makes it feel cozy and inviting, and you can use different colors, textures, and prints to add contrast or to pull together different elements in the room.


Finally, make sure there are plenty of fun accessories. Children often use things to help define and express themselves. Trinkets, souvenirs, lamps, clocks, globes, and wall art are all great personal additions.

Because most of all, you want your little one to feel at home.

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