How Beddy’s Can Help Kids (And Adults) With Special Needs

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 14, 2016

How Beddy’s Can Help Kids (And Adults) With Special Needs

Beddy’s bed sets were originally designed to make it quick and easy for small children to make their own beds. But it became clear in the process of starting the Beddy’s company that the zipper bedding design could help others, too, including people with certain challenges, needs, and conditions.


To be clear: we’re not doctors, and Beddy’s is not a medical product. We’re not saying a Beddy’s set will treat or cure any condition, and we can’t say that it will magically fix someone’s problems.

But Beddy’s can offer small comforts and small victories—the kind that can make a big difference for those with special needs (and their caregivers).

Here is how Beddy’s bedding could make things a little easier for kids and adults with certain needs and conditions.

Autism spectrum

People with autism won’t have to worry if things on the bed are upside down or inside out, because the whole thing can be kept together in one piece. Keeping one side of the comforter zipped at night can also help a child feel enclosed in a way that’s soothing and comforting. The ease of use can also be used as a motivational, manageable step toward independence and self-reliance.

Sensory disorders

Kids who are sensitive to sensory stimulation and need certain kinds of fibers will love how soft Beddy’s cuddle fabric is. The tags can be removed so they don’t cause issues (but don’t yank them, or the bedding will tear).

Plus, a bed that’s easily made means having a neater space, which helps keep sensitive kids from being overwhelmed by cluttered surroundings.

Motor-skill challenges

For kids who struggle with motor skills, Beddy’s reduces the number of steps it takes to make the bed to just one. It take as much gross motor movements since you don’t need to move all around the bed to fold things over and tuck in corners.

The same benefits can help adults with chronic pain, arthritis, or back problems that make bed-making a bigger challenge.


When someone is suffering from clinical depression, even the simplest tasks become monumental and frustrating. Being able to make the bed easily can mean a lot—any sense of accomplishment can make a day feel more manageable.

An adult with depression simply doesn’t have the energy for cleaning, which means things can get cluttered and out of order quickly. When tidying an entire room is overwhelming, being able to have a neatly made bed, just that little bit of order and beauty, can be reassuring.

Hospital stays

Beddy’s sets also fit and work beautifully on hospital beds. Bring some of the soft, sweet comfort of home to a child’s or teen’s hospital room. Getting a good night’s sleep in a hospital can be hard for anyone, but having soft, comfortable bedding they love will make it easier.

It also brightens the room, helps your child feel safer, and makes it feel more like they have a space of their own. This is especially true for kids who have to make longer hospital stays or those who have to go for regular or repeat surgeries or procedures.

Beddy's Zipper Beds
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