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      Toddler Bedding Made Simple

      We’ve all been there; your little one has an accident in the middle of the night and you need to change their bed sheets while half-awake. Beddy’s® makes the job easy with our innovative toddler zipper bedding. Our signature one-piece design quickly slips on the mattress so your child can have a clean, dry bed — and you both can go back to sleep.

      Why You Should Choose Beddy’s Toddler Zipper Bedding

      Beddy’s is perfect for a toddler’s bedroom. Our designs offer:


      Your toddler’s personality is flourishing at this age, and it’s great to see them developing their own interests. Our toddler bedding sets come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that your toddler will love. Plus, our neutral palettes are suitable for boys and girls, and you can style them with a variety of accessories

      Ease of Use

      Our zippered comforter has an elastic band, which goes onto a mattress like a fitted sheet. Open the zipper, and there’s a sewn-in bottom sheet, plus a comfort panel that’s sewn to the underside of the comforter’s top. Simply zip up the comforter to make the bed in the morning–it’s simple enough for a toddler to do!


      Toddler beds see a lot of use, whether your little one is jumping off the mattress to fly like an astronaut or using it to host a tea party for their stuffed animals. Our zip-up toddler bedding stands up to heavy use, and it stays in place so it won’t slip and slide off the bed. Our cotton fabrics are durable and hold up beautifully even after multiple washes.

      All-in-One Toddler Bedding

      Our toddler bedding sets brighten up every bedroom. They’re cheerful and comfortable, so your child will enjoy counting sheep in their beautiful bed. In addition to fitting standard toddler beds, Beddy’s sets are also terrific for bunk beds. No more stretching and straining, trying to tuck sheets in on the bunks–just zip and go.

      You also get your choice of lining with our toddler sets. All cotton is cooling and comfortable for kids who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates. Or choose the Minky, our plush, popular lining that’s super for snuggling but won’t leave your child feeling overheated in most climates. Each set comes with a standard pillowcase and sham, so you have all you need (and even more) in your toddler’s bedding. 

      The Benefits of Zip-Up Toddler Bedding

      When you’re keeping up with an active toddler, you don’t have precious time to waste making their bed. With Beddy’s:

      • Your child sleeps well without sheets bunching up or sliding off the bed.
      • Making the bed is a snap for you or your toddler.
      • You don’t need to buy multiple pieces of bedding–it’s all in one handy set.
      • Everything is machine washable–no dry cleaning necessary.
      • Durable fabrics and modern designs grow with your child. 

      Browse our collection of toddler zipper bedding and find the set you and your child will love!