13 Laundry Hacks You May Not Know About

Laundry -- the gift that keeps on giving! Just when you think you got everything in the hamper without forgetting to switch the loads, there's more! There's always more. Don't fret, though – our list of laundry tips and tricks will remove all the stress of laundry day.

1. Clean the inside of your washer and dryer

Washer/dryer cleanliness is one of those laundry room hacks that many of us tend to forget, but it's a simple solution that yields immediate results. Cleaning the inside of your dryer can help dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. Afterwards, your clothes will be cleaner and smell so much better.

2. DIY Fabric Softener

You can save a ton of money with a DIY fabric softener. When your laundry gets to the final rinse cycle, add up to a cup of white vinegar (depending on the size of the load). Adding vinegar is a laundry hack that works and saves you money.

3. Avoid permanent stains by washing clothes immediately after

Stains are awful, and it's easy to set aside the soiled clothes in frustration and forget about them. We get it. However, When your baby has a blowout, or you spill wine on your shirt, immediately wash your stained clothes with hot water, soap, and even a little stain remover.

4. Make your whites even brighter without using bleach

The best way to keep your whites bright is to wash them separately in hot water. We also suggest hanging your whites out to dry in the sun, which works wonders for the color. You can also refresh the white in your clothes by adding a half cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water during the wash cycle.

5. Have you thought about using multiple laundry containers?

One of the best laundry tips is to get organized by using separate hampers. Set out multiple bins in your laundry room for darks, whites, and bright colors to automatically separate your clothes. This laundry room hack makes laundry day a breeze!

6. Why are you washing jeans every time you wear them?

You don't need to wash jeans after a single use! It's okay to wear your jeans several times before throwing them in the wash – this will save you precious time and money.

7. Wash your socks in a mesh bag

Are you tired of losing all of your socks in the wash or never being able to find a matching pair in the dryer? We have the solution! Washing your socks in a mesh bag ensures that all your socks are in one location. Mesh bags are great for all delicates – just chuck the bag in the washer or dryer with the rest of your clothes, and then return the bag to your hamper to start collecting socks throughout the week. 

8. Use aluminum foil instead of dryer sheets

If you're out of dryer sheets but need to do laundry, switch to aluminum foil. Ball up the foil and throw it into the dryer. Job done! The best part is aluminum foil lasts for up to six months!

9. Use a clean towel to dry clothes faster

Need your clothes to dry faster? Throwing a clean and dry towel into the dryer is one of the best laundry hacks that work! The towel will absorb some of the moisture, helping your items dry quicker and more efficiently. If you have a full load, keep the dry towel in the dryer for at least 15 minutes and then take it out of the mix. 

10. Use ice cubes to eliminate wrinkles

Don't have an iron handy? Ice cubes remove wrinkles just as effectively! When your clothes are in the dryer, throw in a few ice cubes and select the hottest dry setting. The cubes will create steam inside your dryer and leave your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free!

 11. Remove grease stains with chalk

Chalk can help eliminate grease stains on your clothes, jeans, or sheets. When you notice a grease stain, rub a small amount of chalk directly on the stain and then throw it in the wash. Chalk is an absorbent material and will quickly absorb the grease.

 12. DIY stain remover

Don't have a stain remover sitting around? Try shaving cream, which contains all the necessary ingredients to lift and eliminate stains from your favorite clothes. Apply the cream directly to a stain, rub it in, blot it dry, and throw your clothes in the wash!

 13. Use a tissue box as a lint collector

Try a tissue box if your laundry room is a small, cramped space with no room for a trash can. A tissue box is a perfect size for lint, and once it's filled to the top, use it as compost or throw it out altogether.

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