Spring Cleaning with Beddy's

It is now (finally) SPRING, and with the warmer weather comes two words that every kid hates:
The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the breeze is blowing… even the thought of it makes us feel happy! It’s time to clean out the old, bring in the new, and start fresh! Doesn’t that sound nice?! While the thought of it is nice, the actual work of spring cleaning can be a little difficult. It typically starts off with a burst of motivation… but, spoiler alert, that tends to fade pretty quickly. Reality soon kicks in and you realize how much you really have to do. It can be overwhelming—we get it! Although there is definitely a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning, there are so many ways to make it FUN. We're here to tell you how!

Make a Cleaning Playlist

Music makes everything better, right? Turn it up, open the windows, and enjoy your favorite tunes while cleaning away! It makes the time go by faster too! Taylor Swift, anyone?!

Involve Your Family

What better way to spend time with your family and loved ones than CLEANING?! Okay.....we know there’s so many other "better" ways, but incorporating family time into your spring cleaning schedule can give you the opportunity for more bonding, and teach your kids (or spouse 😉), a few things about cleaning up around the house.

Create a Rewards System

Rewards make everything more fun! You can incentivize yourself or your family members to get those jobs done for a reward at the end of the week, or at the end of the month. You can plan a reward system for each job done, make a personalized reward tracker, and turn it into a game! Because we all know, you can turn anything into a game! 🙌🏼

Learn the Tricks

Honestly, cleaning and organizing can be incredibly frustrating if you don’t know the best tricks and methods. It can be physically draining, difficult to find motivation, and such a pain. However, if you have the right products and techniques, it can be FAST and EASY … And Beddy's is here to help. 😉

Spring Cleaning with Beddy's 

 A few of our Beddy’s family members have offered to share their favorite cleaning tips, tricks, and products that you HAVE to try this season. We’re sure it'll make your spring cleaning a lot easier and much more fun. 
Brenda (Operations Specialist)
A couple of her favorite cleaning items are Bar Keepers Friend and Fels Naptha!
Bar Keepers Friend is the best for removing stains like rust or hard water on porcelain and stainless steel, and it cleans sinks like no other product out there! It's very inexpensive for all the things it cleans.
A yellow bottle of Bar Keepers Friend.
It’s versatile, cheap, and good quality.. What else could you need?!
Fels Naptha resembles bar soap but it removes almost any stain from fabric. It's found in the laundry section and is generally right around a dollar or less.  It's her go-to for removing grass stains or grease.
Photo of Fels-Naptha - Laundry Bar and Stain Remover.
Ang (Director of Product)
Ang says she has THE BEST cleaning product and it’s Norwex cloths. You clean your windows with them using just WATER! They have real silver in them so they kill 99% of all bacteria, and they never- ever- leave streaks! 
An image of Norwex cloths: a purple square linen and a gray square linen next to it.
We don’t know about you, but a solution to streaky windows, WITHOUT fiddling with a spray bottle and paper towels seems pretty nice right about now!
Mikelle (Customer Service Representative)
Mikelle says "My favorite cleaning tip is to get a kitchen scrub brush with a soap dispenser. You fill it up with equal parts of white vinegar and blue dawn dish soap and leave it in your shower. Every time, or every few times you take a shower, you can quickly clean it down with the brush."
This is SUCH a good tip. We’re all about being squeaky clean over here!
Mollie (Content Marketing Coordinator)
"One of my favorite spring cleaning tips is to start off with the chores that you often procrastinate. At the start of spring cleaning, when you can feel the weather getting warmer, you typically have spring cleaning momentum and are extra motivated. Decide to accomplish these often procrastinated chores- with that newly found motivation, and you will feel relieved when you haven’t put it off again."
Mollie also says, "The best and all-encompassing cleaning product is no other than good old fashioned white vinegar! It’s an easy, at-home cleaning agent that everyone has in their pantry. Dilute it with water and/or essential oils (lemon and orange are my fave) and you’re set. There’s quite literally over 20 things in your home that you can clean with vinegar… windows, microwaves, floors, stoves, wine glasses, shower heads, bathtubs… the list goes on but I won’t bore you, seriously though, white vinegar is such a great all-in-one product that is so easy."
Lana (Customer Service Supervisor)
Lana says "If I had to give one cleaning product that is my favorite (after white vinegar - that stuff is MAGIC!!) it would have to be Nature's Miracle. It is marketed as a treatment for pet stains but it works wonders on any organic stain and it also removes the odors that can be left behind from some of those stains. I use it as a laundry additive for towels and work out gear as well (or any other load that can be a little extra "scented" 😉)."
A white bottle with a red cap - Nature's Miracle No More Marking Pet Stain & Odor Remover
And there you go! 4 ways to make spring cleaning fun, along with a few good tips and tricks to kickstart your spring cleaning frenzy. 
Oh, and one more thing
We mentioned out with the old, in with the new, right?! Beddy’s Spring Line has the bedding of your dreams and there is no easier chore than making your beds with Beddy's! Your kids' bedrooms (and your own) can stay clean all. year. long. No more blankets on the floor, comforters untucked, and sheets balled up at the bottom of the bed. We’re sure you’re tired of asking your kids (or forcing yourself) to make their bed and with Beddy’s, you won't have to, they’ll choose to zip up their bed every morning—we promise! 
An image of Beddy's "Davis" on a white bed, with blue pillows and an orange throw.
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