SCHOOL CLOTHES TIP: Pick out all outfits for the week on Sunday night to eliminate stress every morning.

**Hack: Use a shoe organizer with 5 slots to put each outfit in.

SCHOOL LUNCH TIP: Pack lunches the night before and have your kids help! Apple slicers make it super easy to cut and core an apple. 
**Hack: Rubber band the sliced apple to keep the slices from turning brown!

CLEAN UP TIP: Play a game by seeing how many toys your kids can pick up before their favorite song ends! 
**Hack: Plastic toys that don't have batteries can be easily washed in the dishwasher with dish detergent and hot water. This cleans and sanitizes them!

HOMEWORK TIPSkittles for Spelling: Make spelling words fun with Skittles. Every word they spell right, they get a skittle! Site Word Swatting: Fly swatter game. Put site words on pieces of paper and tape them to the wall. Have your kids "swat" the site word with a fly swatter as quickly as they can when you tell them the word. 
**Hack: A cleaning caddy from the dollar store makes a great “Homework Caddy” that keeps all school supply essentials in one place and can easily be moved to any room in the house! 

HAIR TIP: Braid your daughter’s wet hair the night before for easy curls the next morning! Just undo braids, spritz with texturizing spray and scrunch with you hands. 
**Hack: Dirty hair in the rushed morning? Use baby powder as a quick and less expensive option for dry shampoo. Sprinkle powder in hands then run fingers through the roots of the hair.