All In One and One For All

Warm weather is here and school is out for the summer, what’s on your summer bucket list this year? Are you headed to the beach, out camping or planning a picnic? Will you watch the sunset, get a pedicure or have a movie marathon? Whatever type of adventure is in your future, we can almost guarantee our friends Ellie and Jared Mecham have done it and we’re helping you get to know them a little better in this month’s blog post.


Image of a blonde woman with a brunette man.

Ellie and Jared are long time lovers of Beddy’s and we are long time lovers of them! On their individual social media pages and joint family YouTube channel, they are always up to something and they make sure to document it for all of us to enjoy. They are not all fun and games over there though, and have become popular due in a large part to the tough topics they’ve chosen to tackle. From struggling with anxiety to challenges with infertility, this dynamic duo show they can handle anything that comes their way and we love them all the more for it.

Shortly after marrying, Ellie and Jared knew they wanted a family but unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as they had hoped. After many years, doctors and treatments, they welcomed their first son, and years after that, two more baby boys. And although life wasn't exactly what they wanted it, when they wanted it, they show us that finding joy in the journey is possible. Loving life and laughter is at the heart of everything they do. And not only is Ellie a busy mom of three boys, but she's also a boss babe and owner and designer of a loungewear business. They remind us all to never give up and show us the way in creating for ourselves, the lives we desire.

For more on their journey, make sure to follow along on their social channels. An image of a young family, woman, man and their three sons, stand in front of a framed home.


When it came time to pick bedding for their three boys’ rooms, Beddy’s were a no-brainer. It’s no secret that kids sleep better with Beddy’s. The quality and comfort are unmatchable, but the ability to zip your kids in at night, also helps keep them from falling out of the bed and keeps the covers on them so no more waking up cold. And when kids stay asleep, so can mom and dad - and what is better than that? 😉

Image of a little boy holding a small bunny on a bed featuring our white with black dashes- Dash Beddy's.

What Ellie really loves about Beddy’s and we know you would agree, kids can now make the bed by themselves like never before. No more pulling, tugging or tucking and most importantly - no more scraped-up knuckles. With two simple zips the bed is made and there is one less chore to do.

Beddy's are not just for kids though, Beddy's are a dream for the young ones learning this skill for the first time, and the young-at-heart who may have lost their ability to do it for themselves. It even makes it possible for some children with special needs to be able to do this chore for themselves. Not only does this provide the independence everyone craves, it also gives them a boost to their confidence knowing they made their own bed all by themselves.

Image of an elderly woman sitting on the edge of her bed that features our Modern Gray Beddy's.

Don't Beddy's sound like the perfect gift? They really are AND they are the gift that keeps on giving too! Beddy's helps with a better night's sleep and ensures a smoother morning. Sounds too good to be true, we assure you it's not! With the genius design and functionality of a zipper, Beddy's are perfect for any age, including yourself, so #treatyoself and get ready to give the gift that keeps on giving ALL. YEAR. LONG.


Are you ready to give yourself and your loved ones the independence and confidence only Beddy’s can provide? Now is the perfect time and here is the perfect style for you to choose.

A graphic image announcing our black and white buffalo check Beddy's- Checked Out as our Product of the Month.

Our Checked Out Beddy's comes with all your bedding in one, in sizes toddler through king, and in both our minky and all cotton options. It also happens to be our Product of the Month for June which means you can get this versatile style at a special discount all month long too!

An image of a bedroom featuring a white toddler bed featuring our Checked Out Beddy's.

The neutral black, white and gray can be accessorized with just about anything and works for everyone. The Beddy's stylists show us how Checked Out can work for the smallest toddler to an adult's master suite, and everything else in between. An image of a bedroom with a queen white bedframe featuring our Checked Out Beddy's with our Wild About Black and White Accessory Bundle.

Don't believe us? Take a look at some of the other ways a few of our customer's have decked out their Checked Out Beddy's

An image of a boys bedroom featuring Checked Out with the name Brody Maverick hanging on the wall above the bed,'s.Shannon kept it simple with the black and white color scheme in her son's Brody's room.

An close up image of a bed featuring our Checked Out Beddy's with pops of pinks and yellows.

@HomebyHeidi added pops of color in her daughter's adorable bedroom.

An image of our Checked Out Beddy's in a teardrop trailer with the door open showing the beautiful outdoors.

@BeanTrailer took their all cotton Checked Out Beddy's on the road with them to show us this style is perfect in an outdoor living space.

An image of a bedroom featuring a triple bunk and a fourth bed to the right, all displaying our Checked Out Beddy's.

Lastly @TraciGolightly showed us Checked Out is a great option for a shared space between cousins in her incredible bunkroom she created for her grandchildren.

  Which Beddy's style is your favorite and how do you choose to style it? We want to see! We love seeing the way our customers and affiliates use Beddy's! Please feel free to send us an email or a direct message on our social channels and your room could be featured here on our blog or on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also show us how you style your room with Beddy's, by posting a picture to YOUR social media tagging @beddys and using the hashtag #mybedzips to be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 gift card to our website. Don’t have a Beddy’s yet but still want to enter? No problem! Use a picture from our website with the hashtag #thisbedzips for the same chance to win!

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