Beddy's Products For the Whole Family

When the creators of Beddy's designed their very first bedding set, they never knew how big of an impact their creation would make in homes all over the country. 5 years later, the Beddy's Designer Team has made hundreds of more products that you have come to know and love. In case you thought Beddy's just made zippered bed sets for kids, here are some of our favorite Beddy's products for the whole family.

For Mom

Beddy's Home Collection

Not only did we want to design pillow covers that could pair well with our Beddy's Sets, but we wanted them to work well with any couch, chair or decorative space in your home. Pictured above is our Charcoal & Wheat Lumbar Pillow Cover (left) and our Naturally Pillow Cover (right). Feather Pillow Inserts are sold separately.
We have a wide variety of 14 different pillow covers for you to choose from! All pillow covers in the Beddy's Home Collection are 17"X17" and are listed at an affordable price of $34.95 online. You can also purchase our 20"X20" Feather Pillow Insert that will fit snugly into your Beddy's Pillow Cover for a nice, 'full,' look. Featured is our Indigo-Go Pillow Cover (left), Sage Spots Pillow Cover (left, front) and our Smokey Sparklers Pillow Cover (right, back).

Pictured on our Oh So Boho All Cotton - No Minky Beddy's Set, is our Peaches and Cream Pillow Cover (left) and our Pinch of Peach Pillow Cover (right). Feather Pillow Inserts are sold separately.

Beddy's Pajamas & Slippers

Moms: we get you. We know that your full-time job can be stressful, so we made the perfect pair of comfortable, yet stylish, pajamas for you to lounge in. Maybe go grocery shopping in? Whatever you need to do to get through the day, we got you!


Featured above is our newest pajama addition, the This Cactus Ain’t Prickly Pajama Set. These new pajamas are the perfect pair for you and your BFF! With the cute cactus details, the soft pink hue, and pockets (you read that right), these are bound to be your new favorite outfit- I mean sleepwear. Oh, and have you noticed the oversized shirt? It’s long enough you can wear it without the pants (we suggest you only do this at home ☺️), or you can tie it in a knot at your hip. Which style is your favorite? 

Make sure to also check out our 2018 pajama release, the Check Me Out Pajamas. Hurry and grab these on sale before we run out of stock!
For more lounge-worthy accessories, go check out our Beddy's Slippers!

For Dad

The Perfect Bedding For Your RV

Beddy's Bed Sets are the perfect solution to RV owner's toughest problem: making the bed. With limited space, and with kids or grandkids running around, you need all the help you can get. Though we may not make RV sizes, our strong elastics at the bottom of our sets have been able to stretch and shrink to fit multiple RV mattress sizes. Keep things tidy and clean with Beddy's Bed Sets.


Pictured on the left, is our Farmhouse Beddy's Set, featuring our Sage Spots Pillow Cover (left), as well as our Natural Lattice Pillow Cover (right). Pictured on the right, starting from the top, is our Chic White Beddy's Set, Oh So Boho Beddy's Set, and once again our Farmhouse Beddy's Set. Look how perfect those sets are for a triple bunkbed in a camper!

Beddy's Blankets

Whether it's for game day or a rainy day, Beddy's Blankets are sure to keep you warm and cozy for whatever day you're facing. Our blankets measure at 60"x80" and have our famous Minky fabric lined on the bottom. Featured above is our Shibori Stripes Blanket.
We have over 20 blanket styles for you to choose from, and we know these blankets will be a new staple in your household. Pictured is our Gray Rugby Blanket.

For Teens

Brooklyn & Bailey Collection

One of our favorite YouTube collaborators, Brooklyn and Bailey, designed their very own line of Beddy's Bedding and Accessories! These college-bound girls wanted to create products that could appeal to their followers and that they could use in their own dorm! Take a look at what they came up with:

These colorful, boho-chic pillow covers give us life! On the left is our On The Fringe Pillow Cover and on the right is our Can't Top Tassels Pillow Cover. Feather Pillow Inserts sold separately.
The last two products from this year's Brooklyn and Bailey Collection, is the Love At First White Beddy's Set, and the Boho Blast Blanket. We think the Love At First White Beddy's Set is the perfect canvas for these colors, and the Boho Blast Blanket is the last final touch this room needed to be complete! You can check out Brooklyn and Bailey's YouTube Channel for more information on their Beddy's designs.

The Perfect Bedding For Your Dorm Room

Kids grow so fast.. and before you know it, they're out of the house! The best way to send them off is with their own Beddy's Bed Set. With a crazy college schedule, who has time to make the bed? Keep them focused and organized with Beddy's quick and easy, zippered bedding, and have a good night's rest with our soft interior sheets and minky-lined comforter. Featured is our Oh So Boho Beddy's Set and our Love at First White Beddy's Set. Check out these styles, and more, online- they even come in size Twin XL!

For Kids

Super Hero Pillow Covers

Pillows to the rescue! We're here to make all of your Super Hero dreams come true with our new, Pow!, Smash!, and Bam! Pillow Covers. This colorful, dynamic trio will give your kid's room that extra 'Punch!' or 'Kick!' it needed in their space.
These pillow covers are measured at 17"X17" and can fit well in our 20"X20" Feather Pillow Inserts (sold separately). 

Toddler Beddy's Sets 

Teach them while they’re young to make their bed with Beddy's Toddler or 'Mini' Sets! We took some of our favorite styles like, Modern Gray, Dash, Vintage Blush and made them to fit a toddler/crib size mattress. Pictured above is our Mini Aqua Gems Beddy's Set, made from the same fabric as our 'regular' Aqua Gems Beddy's Set. 

We often release new styles and designs of accessories, so follow us on Instagram @beddysbeds, or sign up for our email list online at to be the first to know about new releases.